Sunday, June 25, 2006

My first encounter with an Everett Beach

` How's this for ridiculous - I've lived here for over two years and I didn't even know that Everett had any actual beaches! That is, until Dandruff came up with the idea that we could go to the beach between his classes.
` And so, we set off for the beach... weeks ago, on the day Lou drank the serum.
` What's ironic is that it's just down the street from where I live now!

` And lucky you; I'd brought me Crappy Digital Camera! Not only that, but I'm going to show you pictures from my trip! Why today? Because I want to try to show you most of my pics in order I took them - I still have more pending!

` Disclaimer: I've written all of these captions while drenched in sweat: They may or may not contain much cleverness - I can't seem to tell.

` First of all is the park. I really admire the parklands up here - everything looks like a painting of the Cretaceous Period.

` Of course, the illusion was broken when a train went past.

` Is it me, or are the color schemes for these two CDPs different from one another? Could that be because the train was blocking some of the glare from the water?

` I saw something I didn't expect. Reminds me of something from a certain comic strip...

` As we approached the spiral staircase leading down, some guy climbed right up the side in front of us.
` Apparently, he is affiliated with Rainbows (right). I'm not sure who that is on the left.

` On the beach, there were some crows that were just enthralled with the prospect of food from a little stream.

` At the bottom of this picture, you can see an aqua-colored thing. If I am correct, it was one of three brightly-colored floaty-things. Some girls then came down to rescue them and as they paddled out to sea, they discovered that the floaty things liked to get it on.
` I'm not explaining that.

` Or that could have been a surfboard. There were two guys that Dandruff and I contemplated 'attacking' and 'sharing' between us. At least one of them was gay, but the way they surfed one way and then the other caused the inevitable line; 'Oh, so they go both ways, do they?'
` After our attention of them had waned, we watched a blue heron approach on a fish-catching mission.

` It steadily worked its way past.

` Not too far away, I was testing my own feet's worthiness of sea. I kept having to run out of the water and rescue our things, however, because the tide was coming in!

` I also saw a cute little crab, which these people had 'rescued' out of some rocks and wanted to put it 'back in the ocean where it belongs'. Excuse me, but if the crab was in danger of suffocating, it would move itself back to the ocean! They have a very good sense of direction, thank-you-very-much!

` Anyway, I'm suffering from heat stroke. This happens sometimes in the Land of No Air-Conditioners. I'd better go hose myself down again.
` ...Or go back over to the beach.


Wed-nes-day said...

Saved the first one of the park; loved it. Great photo. Do more of those.
Hugs from Wed-nes-day

S E E Quine said...

` Glad you like - yes, that's what forests are like over here. I also took another one, but deleted it because it was very blurry.

Galtron said...

Darn bigfoots, always messing up photos!

Amber said...

I miss the forests up there. Must come back, soon.

S E E Quine said...

` Yes they are nice... ha! Galtron, you are too funny. Yes, those bigfoots are everywhere, spreading their visual indistinctness!

crabcake said...

Nice pics!

No air conditioning, huh? Just get your hair wet. Helps lots. Least for me it does.

Good to meet ya, Seequine.

S E E Quine said...

` Good idea! Ironically I have finally worked out a similar technique (so as not to cause hair frizzage) where I go around with no shirt and a wet rag over my shoulders.

` This whole thing reminds me that just the other day, my boyfriend and I bought a box fan and stuck it in the window. It was working great until the next evening when it tipped over sideways onto a storage container and one of the blades broke off.
` Now it won't turn on without jumping up and down, making a huge racket and falling over!
` ....Well, I think it's high time we take it back and get a less cheap replacement.

Rev. Archibald Bongwater, KSC, First Church Of Jesus H Christ On A Bicycle, Bellingham said...

i miss that beach

ps... i'm coming to everett thursday evening

maybe i will see you at zippy's

S E E Quine said...

` Yes!! I have attempted to spell out Zippy's on my cell phone scheduler... except it won't let me add a y... anyway, I am always sure to heed the cry of the cell phone alarm.
` Expect me at Zipp!

Rev. Bongwater, KSC said...

tell miss ananda I am coming for hr soul (in a good way)

also pondering whether to crash in everettown somehow or take 1am bus back to bellingham

we shall see

monado said...

I love the jungly forest picture! It does look ancient!

monado said...

If you are getting hot, try keeping your hair/scarf/shirt damp.

There's actually a hiking bandanna that's a roll of something water-absorbent, such as tapioca.. I don't know what it is, really—I hope not tapioca! But you can soak it in water for about 15 minutes, then wear it for hours and it will keep you cool. As soon as one side gets hot, just rotate it to a cooler part.

Failing that, wear a hat, loose, light-coloured, long-sleeved clothing, use a parasol... you know the drill.

And watch that sun-tanning! It does age your skin. My hands, always the most tanned part, now are the only ones that show my age.

monado said...

How neat that you could watch a great blue heron and it didn't fly away on you. Nice picture!

Anonymous said...
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