Monday, May 22, 2006

My brain is fried.

` I have halted work on Dr. Nociceptors response to Steve (now completed!) because damn, I’m tired. This is not to say that my response does not please me in its scope; I must really stop because being articulate about such matters has caused my brain to use up its fuel resources.
` I noticed this when my mind began to wander....

` At about 22:00 (ten) this evening, I found myself fascinated by my reflection in this cruddy old mirror that came with my closet, which I have recently propped up against the wall.
` Here’s a mirror image of the image in the mirror – so, the sideways painting beside the mirror is actually backwards! (Bulky-looking little Crappy Digital Camera, huh? Well, that’s how I upload posts onto the internet!)

` I am admiring the square Zone of Acne on my left arm, while a square patch on my right arm makes another Zone of Acne. (The square patches help to ensure that I am not responsible for creating any freaks of nature.)
` It’s hard to tell, but I’ve got my minifridge and some crates on the left and my suitcase (with that dirty clothes basket on top) to the right. Notice that both sides of my room now have shelves, partially thanks to Nymphomaniac and Lou Ryan!

` Hooray for storage-oriented furniture and people who assist me with them!!!

` Here’s another view after I’ve removed my sleeping bag from the filing cabinet and have reclined on it. (Wow! It’s still light outside at this hour, despite the rain!)

` There’s my Patchwork Willy photo, with the Outstanding Award it won at the fair in Medina, Ohio. The alpaca was quite indifferent when I showed it to him. (Here’s a better view.)
` Let’s see... what’s above my mirror? Why, it’s a cute little drawring I made for art class around ’00 or ’01!

` It’s actually a fairly large still life, as evidenced by the chunks of calendar framing it. Unfortunately, this is as detailed a picture as I can take with the CDC.
` The little Scipionyx scuplture was something I had made out of a paper matrix just after a reconstruction of the dinosaur was first published around ‘97. I’ll never forget my psychotic dad’s horrified reaction to my art-making as he attempted to take over the project because, he said, ‘it looks like a five-year-old did it!’
` Yeah, a lot of bad memories in this drawing.
` The picture-frame box has a computer-printed photo of my former cat that somehow was scanned in black and white (
like this one!!) – if you look closely, you can see Katie’s paw print just to the left of her picture!
` On top of the small chest/trunk-looking thingy, you can make out the word ‘Mercu’. That is from the back of my psychotic dad’s car, the same car he had loaded my diaries, computer, etc. into before driving across the country.
` Just above it to the left is a rounded, dark-looking thing with a reflection of the cocktail umbrella in it. It’s a bell from a Bugs Bunny alarm clock I had grown annoyed with and, subsequently, dissected.

` Some of the other drawn objects may confuse you in this blurry photo, and I suppose it is best that way. Yes.... Best that way!!!
` However, most of them just happen to be sitting on my Clavinova at this moment:

` Yes, that is a gigantic, blue rodent skull, which I used to use as a toothbrush caddy. Don’t ask. My dad had smashed the hell out of it several times, even after I’d coated it with nail polish for protection, so several good chunks of it are missing.
` Beside that is, again, the aforementioned picture frame box with the printed picture of my former cat, Katie. At the moment, it also contains my former cat because when she had died, Phil insisted that I not insult her by ‘throwing her out’, because... she’s watching!! Ooo!
` Currently, I am uncertain as to what action I should take, as I cannot think of a good place for dignified ash disposal. ...Perhaps tell some little fat kid it’s chocolate milk mix? Then her angry spirit will possess him in order to ridicule me for not being respectful with her ashes.
` Yeah, that’s it.
` Under these Items of Obvious Morbidity is the small chest that also contains most of the other items in the drawing, as well as currency from around the world.

` Also, I figured that some of you people might like a better look at my new shelf. Well, here it is!!

` Whoooo! Amazing!! A place to put stuff! In fact, it’s almost as good as a closet, except that there is no room on it for my clothing.
` Damn.
` There is, however, room for the rest of my books, my photo albums, globby, misshapen-looking rocks and other monstrosities, with space for my food on top!
` Well, I’m about to collapse onto the floor, where I sleep half the time, thanks to mucho padding, including Lou Ryan’s Therma-Rest.
` ...Of course, the rest of the time I sleep on Lou Ryan himself. He is quite comfy, despite the fact that he is getting back into shape.

` Collapsing in... three... two... Timmmm-berrrrr!


Galtron said...

Remember not to invite me over, miss rodent-skull toothbrush holder person! (Don't tell me, it's a beaver's skull...)

Aaron said...

Nice pic Spoony. You look surprised to be taking your own picture.

Galtron said...

By the way, is that painting by the mirror something you did yourself? What is it of?

monado said...

Nice pictures, especially the self-portrait. Hang in there.

Great minds think alike -- I took one the other day. My hair's a mess but it's the Before picture for my haircut, so that's OK. It's up on my BookCrossing profile which, oddly enough, is for "Monado." There's a curious distant look on people who are looking into a mirror.

monado said...

Ashes of former cat: since a cat probably wouldn't appreciate being scattered on the ocean, how about a nice, warm, sunny & sheltered clearing in a forest?

That would also give you a better chance of not being seen by anyone who might object.

Amber said...

I've carried ashes of one of my cats around for 5-6 years now. I haven't really thought of disposing of them. I just need a nice urn. I'm pretty impressed with your capability of living in a closet though...

S E E Quine said...

` Thank you. Well, it's not like I'm home most of the time. Yesterday I spent until nine o'clock hanging out with Book Listener, and then I spent the night in Lou Ryan's nice big bed, so it's not like I ever feel cramped.

` Hmm... a sunny clearing. That sounds nice.
` Well, I must go, the computer's telling me 'Goodbye' at this moment.

Anonymous said...
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