Saturday, March 11, 2006

Life is Hazardous

` Garg! Lately, I haven't been able to reserve any time slots at the library, nor have I been able to find any open internet slots, so I haven't been on the internet at all since my last post.
` Thankfully, I won't have that problem for too much longer as you will see:

` On Wednesday I was talking to Dennis, who lives in a tent on a mudflat. I see him from time to time when he's at the library - though he can't get on the inernet without a slip because they took away his library card for being homeless!
` ...Anyhow, he was telling me about this one time, while passing around handout schedules, some crazy man pulled a gun on him! Before the guy could fire, Dennis shoved him against a brick wall and the bullet only went through his arm and into the concrete!
` Then, this crazy woman was like; 'That wasn't very Christian of you!'

` Dennis told her; 'Look, if I would have not pushed him back, I would have been killed!'
` She said; 'But you would have died for God!'
` Later on, I was thinking about that very thing whilst making dinner - feeling all safe and secure in my own home - when something really freaky happened in slow motion (as freaky things are prone to do): My cobalt blue and green glasses pushed their way out of the cabinet door and smashed all over the counter, busted pieces flying all over the kitchen.
` For the next half-hour, I busied myself with checking each strand of fettucini for glass, though 'deglassifying' the kitchen took only ten minutes.

` The next day, I got my computer back from the shop, fully repaired, along with a surge protector (which I got at Radio Shack, where I met yet another guy I don't intend to call).

` Then, before I was finished hooking it up, Wayne came over to install my lock. Finally! Well, he drilled a huge hole in my door for the lock to go through - leaving me to clean up all the sawdust - though he only put in the half of the lock that fits on the door.
` The other half, he says, he'll get some time later.
` On top of that, he chided me for not having a dish rack because my dishes on the counter make his house look bad. Really, I think he's doing a good enough job of that already.

` Thank chickens! The people who sat down at the internet station right next to me and started whispering have finally left! So now, the library is whisper-free... and I have only ten minutes left. Waaa!

` As for last night's show, Lou and Brian sounded pretty good.... Unfortunately, the only people who showed up to see them - out of everyone who said they would come - were Brian's friends and Lou's friend Brad, though he had to leave early because he had work the next day.
` Like, uh... what happened to all those other people who said they were going to be there?

` Well, I got to go. Looks like opening my gmail might actually work this time, so I'll see what I got!


Galtron said...

I actually caught myself thinking; 'At least half a lock is better than no lock at all', but I realized there is no logic to that at all.


cassie d said...

haha Galtron! i thought the same thing - and then i thought you should tell him you don't want to buy a dishrack since you're afraid of someone coming in and stealing it - seeing as how you don't have a working lock!!!!

Denny said...

just get a dishrack and prop it against the door.

S E E Quine said...

` Heh heh! You're right, Galtron! Though I must say that technically, half a lock is a little better than no lock at all, simply because it means I'm only that much closer to having a whole lock.

` And FYI, the lock I don't have is in my room. There's a lock on the kitchen door, and every other door downstairs. Just not mine.

` I'm special that way.

Galtron said...

Does this Wayne have something against you?

S E E Quine said...

` Nah, it's just that Wayne installed modern doors on every room but the one on the end, and he just left it that way even after I'd signed the contract for it!

Anonymous said...
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