Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The cat behind the drawings

` Carrying on in the same spirit as my last picture post, how about one that's all about Butter Cookies, the ill-named maniacal feline?

` First off, here's a picture of Butters looking somewhat like an evil mastermind in her faux-leather chair from K-mart, grooming herself unassumingly.

` But what the casual observer may not know is that this can change at any time... watch out!

` I learned many things while living with Blubber Cookies. For example; If You Give a Cat a Hedgehog....

` ...In under a second, you get this!

` Without transition, she immediately begins her attack, clawing and biting with all her might!

` The secret is in the catnip!

` She's the Blonde Whirlwind of Doom! However, you're more likely to see her doing this:

` The creepy and ravenous sphinxes from MirrorMask (check 'em out!), helped to inspire my 'Hungry' Butters drawing:

` (She was much heavier at the time I drew her.) And, just like the sphinxes, she nevertheless remains hungry until she tastes human flesh.

` It's true!! In this picture, she's assaulted her placemat and is dragging herself across the carpet towards EdgeWalker's feet!

` To be sure, it is safest to Stay Away from this Snarling Beast! She is Unpredictably Ill of Temper.

` Well, I'm running out of time, here, so until next time... Be Afraid!!


Amber said...

I doubt butters would stand up to my cat Durga.

Galtron said...

She's just the kind of cat I'd imagine a mad scientist would have...

cassie d said...

what a cute flesh eating baby!!!!

Laura said...

Butters? That's a very sweet name for Spawn... Don't worry, all cats tear things up and then stare at you like they did nothing wrong.

S E E Quine said...

` Actually, Butters doesn't tear anything up, besides her scratching post. And Mr. Hedgehog.
` ...And your hands!