Monday, December 26, 2005

At least my supervillain's life is getting better....

` Tough times aside, I'm still employing my creativity. For example, the other day I drew something humorous and gory on some folded paper: My first-ever pencil 'drawrings' of my evil supervillain character who I think I may call Cassandra 'Pesky' Nociceptor. (Or not.)
` Then, I took two envelopes, unnaturally bound them together so the drawrings fit inside, addressed it to Dr. Teeth and dropped it in the mailbox.

` So, Teeth, when you get back from your trip, be sure to look for the 'Frankenvelope'.

` Also, something supremely awesome happened: I've already gotten an e-mail this morning from what I've accomplished on the Zebra Girl website. Joe England's been too busy to put fan art up for a while, so it all came out in a rush: My name's Skippy here - see if you can find it!

NEWS UPDATE for 12/25/05: Ohcrap! My new Invader Zim DVDs tired me out so much that I took a nap which was too long in the waking-up from! I've only got a little time left to throw up all that fan art and stuff that I said I would before Christmas is over and I become a liar! I've got to call on all of my Joe Englandy powers to pull this off!! Uh... no time... uhm... each thing only gets a blurb!
Hannele made this! It's psychadelicious! Moreso, psychadelectable!
Ask me Ask me made this! It's spooky and stylish! Black and White kicks ass!
Mouse made this and then he made this, with this as a stereogram! Or so he says, I can't look at either of them for some reason, but I'm sure they're awesome! Look out, he's got a comic!
S.S. made this, this, this, this, and this! They're all great, love the style!
Paul Rogers made this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this! God bless 'em, every one!
Elyse Tennyson made this! It's bizarrely true to life!
Piers Florian made this! Wicked cool, and kindly cool all at the same time!
William Duke made this! The perspective blows my mind, in a fun way!
Shiro made this! I'm getting an image of that little girl from "Poltergeist" whimpering as the wind kicks up, the future fills me with cute, cute dread because Shiro's back and she'll DESTROY US ALL! Website website website!
Pandaone made this! Tolkien himself would be proud, I daresay! DARE SAY!
Joelle made this! They're adorable and neat and I just love 'em! LOVE THEM!
Kitten Sumthinerother made this! Again, bizarrely true to life! Except that I have the physique of a wet noodle! I mean... no... forget that, it's absolutely bizarre!
AlphaMole from the forums made this, this, and this! They boggle my mind with their keen-ness! Boggle it all to Hell!
Lovelock made this! And it was, um, just about the first time one of my own characters kind of turned me on... I couldn't help it!
Robin "Rone" Dempsey made this! It was for my birthday, it was inescapably thoughtful of her, and I love it! Love her! You! Love her!
No one in particular made this and this! Both of them rocked one of my socks right off!
Grimmalkin made this! By thunder, if that doesn't demand you check out his DeviantArt site, then I will! There! It's demanded!
Wylde made this! Daww, issocute, it's cute enough to make me say daww! Check! Site! NOW!!
Jesse Bromley made this! It's so pretty... have I not posted this before? It seems like I've done so an infinite number of times... messing with my head... woo. That fan art's a good trip.
Dani made this! It's a crossover of sorts, with her marvelous site... say, did I not give her permission to use this? She asked... Dani, if you're listening, you can very much use this on your site. It passes the Joe test, and scores high marks.
Fraser Walker made this! It was a gift for back when I was depressed or... or something, and it cheered me greatly. Somehow. It doesn't look like it would have, but it did. ...That means it's good.
Chelsea Gaither made this! Nothing more needs to be said, because it's so great! Which is good, because I'm running out of blurbs! She has a website that your life will be ruined without!
Heather Noyes made this! And I love it, it's simply elegant and elegantly simple! Wow, she has a website too?? Wondrous!
And finally, Skippy from the forums made this! She's going all-out with her own Zebraverse comic project! I'm proud, this time for a variety of valid reasons! Skippy's Website, you go to now! And that's it, that's all the fan art, except for a few pieces I don't have to time to track down the makers of right now! Yes there's more, there's always more! Do it later! LATER! That's enough for now! Enough fan art!
Fan fiction now! Mawgan Dell's Angels and Demons! What more could you ask for? Nothing, that's what! It's Angels and Demons! And Dear Diary, by newcomer Phillip Podjursky! Ooh, I bet he's going somewhere with that! And he also brings us The Ascension, which has the dubious honor of being the first fan fiction posted here for which I'll openly confess to having mixed feelings about! It's, um... okay, I'll give it to you straight. It deals with certain overtly religious themes which I find a bit... um... overt? Is that a good word for this? But y'know, I'm not passing judgement, I'm just stating my own personal preferences here. You... make up your own minds. Yes, I know you're not used to that, but we all have to learn how sooner or later. You should thank Phillip for the exercise.
Now, comics to link to! The Wotch has made reference to my fantastic comic, so go to their fantastic comic and make a fantastic sandwich between you, my site and theirs! And there's another tiny little reference over at Awfully Generic, so what more encouragement do you need!?
What's the timeOHCRAP, must update NOW! It's all good and I love it, I love all my fans, you people make it worthwhile, happy whatever, blahblahblah, there, I made it I'm DONE! KNEEL TO JOE!


` I've never had one of my own images up on someone else's website before, much less the prestegious abode of Zebra Girl! I e-mailed Joe to tell him that I have two more on the way, I just won't be able to put them up for a while due to the fact that I'm out of state and also my computer's still broken.

` Well, as I'm at my mom's house in Ohio I'd better go engage in some more after-dinner conversation with Mom, Brewmeister and my bro.


Galtron said...

I bet you feel so special!

S E E Quine said...

` Indeed I do: You realize, my fan art will be at Zebra Girl as long as that website is around!

` Mua hah a ha haaaa!