Thursday, October 20, 2005

Spybot Search and Destroy... good, but needs more than one server!

` After I finally found a functional update download mirror (in Australia) today, Spybot Search and Destroy has found a couple of things, including the overly-conspicuous Windows Security Center AntiVirus Override. (Not that I would actually trust Microsoft to kill viruses for me, okay?)
` The most noticeable thing that's improved?

` Mozilla seems to be in working order!!!

` Also, my computer isn't shutting itself down every time I leave the room anymore.
` This is why I was also really happy when I found a backup file for my novel, which had somehow been whacked back to being last updated on October 4th. You see, on Oct 16th, I'd left my computer after a lot of frenzied hard work (apparently without saving?), and when I came back, it had shut itself off! When I started up Word again, I found that all my progress had not been recorded, and couldn't find any autosave files! (Usually, it's one or the other.) Crazy!
` It sounds weird, but I think I know a perfectly logical explanation having to do with the constant malfunctioning of my computer. A backup file I found, however, was dated October 12th! So I thought I'd found what I'd been working on! But when I looked again, I saw that it was from last year... apparently, I'm going to have to do most of this month's hard work all over again. Joy.
` And I had just added a brand-new scene!!! Waaaaaaaaahhh!

` How these things happen, I don't know. But I just wanted to tell anyone who cares, i.e., people in the writer's groups, whoever, that they will probably not be getting any more 'viruses ate my work' excuses.

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