Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Links for all! (Plus, some bonus 'WTF?' links!)

` Thank you, Aaron! Because of you and your html knowledge, I now have links!

` And so, a post about them! In roughly the same order as you see them!

` Of course, I've got some of my fellow blogger pals up here; from Cassie, whose neat-o blog was one I discovered more recently; to The Swill Man in Massachusetts; my roommate, EdgeWalker; and the personal ramblings of Turkish Chic - a.k.a. the Litchtucky-Charred Weirdo - who's hung out with me a lot in Ohio.

` BTW, look where EdgeWalker was the other day! (I swear, this man's like Gollum!) He and Phil hiked, scrambled, and even climbed straight up for over eight miles just to get up there! That called for a celebration dinner at Smashed Tomatoes!

` Moving on: The first people to really encourage me to write were the Medina Writer's Club, though it's been split into two different clubs by now. I used to go to meetings with President Dory, Georgie-Porgie, Chrissy the Cookie Chick, Jim-Jim, Danald, Franz, Marvin and a few other people whose names I don't remember...
` Surprisingly, these people actually saw my real personality below my newly- and poorly-prescribed medication-crazed guise, and accepted me, which was a big surprise, as I thought I'd gone insane or something the way I was freaking out all the time. No matter. As self-conscious as I felt, I kept going there because I actually had people who cared about my writing ability and nurtured it!
` George and Dory always had the most to say as far as critiquing goes, and so it isn't surprising that I've revised my work accordingly to their comments the most. The others' comments, too, I took to heart. I really learned a lot there! (I also decided to stop taking the unneccesary medication, so they even got to know 'the real me' for a time.) If it weren't for that club, I don't think I'd be an advanced writer today!
` However... all that's changed so much... all the members have been split up among two groups, basically.
` I've also put Chris's website up - as I recall, her prototype cookies were always so good, even the ones that got dried out in the oven!

` Dan's my cousin from Ohio, who ironically also moved out to this area after living in Hawaii for a while. He takes some good photos, lemme tell ya! He's also been all over the world! Check out his photo blog if ya have time! There's even some useless trivia about us: we have the same birthday! More useless trivia: He's my only maternal cousin who my insane dad didn't give a stupid nickname to. His poor brother, Richard...

` And would you believe - I used to be neighbors with Bill and Rhonda Fels and their formerly dehydrated dog, Jason. Sometimes I'd talk with Rhonda when she let Jason out back. The main thing I remember about Bill is that he seemed perfectly nice - he even gave my car a jump!
` Yes, he appeared to be quite normal, considering that he was starting this PetRefresh thing with local spring water. After they'd moved out to SC, Rhonda sent me an article from the Wall Street Journal, showing just how sucessful this business is - yes, the one Rhonda and I had rolled our eyes at!

` Oh, and the last one... Barnes and Barnes' website, brought to you by the Lumanian Council of Arts and Linoleum. We don't really know each other, though... well, I'm sure if Art and Artie Barnes think anything of me at all, 'demented' would hopefully be in there.

` As you can tell, I love science. It is my friend. I would marry science, if it were not for my lack of ambition. I've put up some science reference and news pages which I try to get to as much as I can. A lot of that stuff's free for the public to view, so view away!

` Skepticism's also a big one. I really enjoy reading (though rarely, as I have little time) Skeptic and Skeptical Inquirer magazines, which is why I've put up Skeptic's and CSICOP's websites. Heck, there's so much stuff on their websites that you don't really need to read the magazines in order to come across a bunch of decent material!

` Oh, and apparently, Penn & Teller: Bullshit! is proof that comedy and skepticism do go together! It's one show that makes me wish I had more than two channels. Such as ShoTime.
` From what I can tell via reviews and the video clips on the website, it's actually a decent skeptical show with my favorite dark humor magician men... Penn Gilette and... the quiet one, whatsisface.

` What else? Bad Astronomy. I like that one. The 'Face' on Mars, the 'moon hoax', and astrology are but a few 'bad' topics Phil Plait has explored. I definitely reccommend this for information about what is and isn't astronomy.

` I am especially interested in common descent and the theory which explains it, called Darwinian Evolution. I'm also fascinated with the fact that some people don't accept it, and am thoroughly amused with their arguments. That's why I've put up Understanding Evolution, which is at the Berkely website. It's like a little science course to help explain to children and laymen alike just what evolution is, and what it isn't, thereby dispelling many of its varied myths.
` Myths and misperceptions are a big part of what anti-evolutionists use to argue that 'it just ain't so'. A lot of this can be seen at the Talk.Origins website, which is a huge source of entertainment whenever I go there. No really, I laugh insanely. I can't help it.
` Of course, a neat blog I occasionally visit is Dr. P. Z. Myer's Pharyngula. It also has a 'pirate mode' for some unimaginable reason, making it Phaaaryngula, with a chest full of booty!

` As you can tell, I am also very against the anti-human rights cult of $cientology, complete with Xenu the evil alien who's been in jail for millions of years, run by a totalitarian system of people who basically keep secrets and lie a lot in order to coerce each other into doing its bidding. They're not even allowed to talk to each other about Xenu, or any other aspect of $cientology.
` One of the posts I've not finished is, in fact, about $cientology, and at the moment, I'd describe it as sickening, yet humorous... Sort of like another Blogger's post, which is a transcript of Tom Cruise going insane on the Today Show, annonated slightly, and with goofy pictures representing the unhinged Cruise.
` Basically, those links can show you all you need to know about this... product of a misanthropic schizophrenic, best known for destroying families, bank accounts, and of course, the human spirit, all without the victim realizing it.
` GRRRRRRRRR. Enough of this!

` As you can see, my favorite comic strip is still Zebra Girl by Joe England, about which I once wrote a Joe-approved review! Yes, Zebra Girl: It's not easy bein' something people fear and loathe. Hilarity ensues!
` Also, I've always had an eye for Jenadelle's art. Go ahead, gaze upon a dark, oppressive world of intelligent rat-people and dragons! It's fun!
` I'll try to add some more stuff in this section, hopefully something less... dreary-looking, though just as beautiful.

` And yes, I do enjoy my languages. Even fake ones, like Klingon. Oh yes, I am indeed Klung on Klingon. And you will be too at the KLI!
` ...Yeah. Though when I'm looking for an English word, I like the OneLook Reverse Dictionary. It's usually better than a thesaurus. RhymeZone is also very handy when I'm trying to come up with lyrics.
` Other languages are cool, too. Reading Japanese for the Western Brain makes me wonder how people in the East can ever communicate with people in the West. Alas, they have been separate too long!

` I also have a few additional links on THIS POST ONLY!! I didn't find them worthy enough to put on the blog proper:

` The horrors of dihydrogen monoxide! Yes, folks, I wouldn't have thought it, but pretty much anything can be made to look like a very dangerous health hazard!
` If you don't know what dihydrogen monoxide is, consider that if you breathe it in, you could die! In its solid form, DHMO exposed to soft tissue can cause severe damage. It's also a major constituent of acid rain! It can cause short-circuits! Thermal variations of dihydrogen monoxide are associated with El Nino! It is used to fight fires, it is crucial for the functioning of nuclear power plants, and is a by-product of air-conditioners!
` Please tell me you've figured out what it is by now.

` Also, the site says: 'Studies have shown that even after careful washing, food and produce that has been contaminated by DHMO remains tainted by DHMO.'
` Well? It is true...
` On the other hand, the Friends of Hydrogen Hydroxide say that this same substance occurs in nature, is beneficial to life forms, and is a vital part of the ecosphere!
` That is also correct!!
` I find this to be one of many amusing caracature of fanatics and politics. That's why I bring it up.

` What else is just as freaky-looking? Hmmm... dolphinsex.org has been taken down... but you wouldn't want to see that, anyway. At least, I should hope... Hmmmm.

` Aha!

` Behold... Apocamon! I have no idea what it is, but I watched the first one... clearly a lot of work went into this! It's... ummmm. Yeah. I really liked the part when George W. Bush was like; "And if I am wrong, may God strike me down..."
` Oh yeah... they went there!

` That reminds me - I've recently discovered the Google bombing in which the search results for the word 'failure' or the phrase 'miserable failure' brings up president George W. Bush's official biography as being the most relevant.
` Now, if one should Google for 'Intelligent Design', I think it would be fitting if this came up...

` What else? Well, if you're inclined to lose your mind, I used to say; "Pick out an episode and sit back", but... sorry!
` Tragic.
` Well, at least I've finally discovered from where Quizno's got its creepy
sponge monkeys... Stay away if you're not prepared, though.
` However, its 'flat breads' commercials (which I've seen thanks to the Swill Man)... that was a Barnes and Barnes parody... though they weren't allowed to sing it. Darn for them!

` In the same vein, I would add a link to Don Hertzfeld's insane stick figure animation, Rejected, though I can't seem to find it anywhere on the internet. Why? Because... My spoon's too big! Uh... no, actually it's probably really hard to find nowadays because it's being sold on DVD.
` "For the love of God and all that is holy... my anus is bleeding!"
` "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!"
` I just love those things.

` If anyone has more weird links suggestions, feel free to tell me. Anyway, time to stuff envelopes or something. Later!


Aaron said...

You're quite welcome Quine. I see you changed the sidebar-title formatting. I'm impressed. I see you have what it takes to be a F.A.R.T. That is, if you don't mind being called an artist...

cassie d said...

WHEW!!! That Tom Cruise post was hilarious, and yet made me do exactly what you had specified! WTF????
I heard a little about that on the news, but GEEZ. What a weirdo!!!

and i LOVE that you have KLI in your 'links'! i actually have thought about taking a course....

i love all the cool links you've put up! i'm going to be spending hours checking all of them out!!!

and btw - we would LOVE to have you in The FARTs! hahaha!!! Pretty soon, we will sweep the blogging nation and have a vast empire!!!!!
oh. um...
just uh...zoning out a little....

next step: blogging world domination

S E E Quine said...

` Me? A F.A.R.T.? Hoorayyy!

` Cas, I'm glad you like my crazy links! Phil actually took some Klingon way back when. I actually haven't, but it looks like lots of fun.
` Also, I like your new pic. You look all pretty and shiny in it!

` And personally, I don't think it will be long until we take over the blogging world.
` Mua ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa!

Galtron said...

Love your links, Quine! Now I can see where you spend your time hiding during the day...
I've finally taken the time to go to Zebra Girl... what the heck?

And vat ees thees F.A.R.T. thing? I am meestified to no end!

S E E Quine said...

` That's not really meant to be a comic, I think.
` If you've never been there before, though, I'd suggest going to the first one. It's a really great story!

` And I'm not entirely sure what F.A.R.T. is either, though if it included me, I've been thinking about the name:

` The Pentarchy!