Thursday, September 01, 2005

Who's afraid of George 'Dubya' Bush?

` Me! Me!!

` (Sorry, I just write like this when I've had too much irritation in one day and can't cool off - much like my last post, the body of which was saved up from twelve days before. Contrast and compare them!)

` President 'Dubya' Bush (as I call him) likes to play with the world too much. First of all, he wanted to finish his daddy's war in Iraq, and he asked the CIA to see if their insane government had gotten a hold of nuclear weapons materials.
` The CIA found that there actually was no evidence - the documents saying that this had happened had been forged - and there was no reason to think that there were any weapons of mass distruction in Iraq.
` At all!
` But he sent in troops anyway, needlessly killing thousands of our own young people, as well as many innocent Iraqis.
` And then he said that it wasn't his fault and that the CIA had done a bad job.

` Not noticing this, his supporters all went; "Oh, you're doin' such a good job, George!"

` That probably includes a friend of mine who once said; 'I respect his decision to invade Iraq.' I never could understand that...
` More recently, he's been scaring the right-wing people more and more, and I've met several former right-wing supporters of Bush who are now freaked out by him.

` His latest blunder also has to do with the fact that he is so obsessed with war: Hurricane Katrina. It completely destroyed one of our top ten largest cities New Orleans - in fact, it's now underwater - and there's not nearly enough help for the survivors.
` Most of those people just have to deal with it on their own, when they have no home, no possessions, or even food. And they can't get away by themselves - they need to be evacuated, but Bush isn't allowing it. Why? Because he would rather focus on less important and pointless war-related things.
` A war that he invented for his own purposes.
` You know, when we first moved into our apartment, the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln (which sits outside our window) was called off for relief aid for that huge earthquake in Indonesia.
` It's not going anywhere now, and neither are any more ships when our own people need them! Evidently, Bush would rather keep playing with everybody the way little kids do with action figures and not give a damn about them.

` And that's why I'm scared and I want to just curl up and... and my mom took a picture of me just now.

` I'm going now. I need to get some more stuff done. Work work work. Haah.

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