Friday, September 02, 2005

I'm STILL afraid of Bush...

` Ah, looks like Bush broke down and decided to send in troops from Iraq to help the hurricane survivors in his own country.

` As it's been four days, however, I think it's too late for redemption!

` If you haven't been reading the news, I can give you a quick overview:

` You see, since so few people were getting rescued from the rubble of New Orleans, the ones who were sick and tired of being passed over by the military helicopters, began shooting at them out of bitterness!
` In fact, many of these people got into the spirit of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and were looting gun shops picking off police officers who tried to rescue people trapped in a hospital! The reason we know this is because the last surviving police officer from one precinct was able to escape and tell this sickening story.
` Well, Bush finally realized that there were more important things going on in the interest of his own country, so he sent over our National Guard from Iraq - who distributed food, water and medicine with their guns at the ready!
` That must have been unnerving to the survivors, who had been trapped all this time in a dark, stinking stadium with not enough to eat or drink. They also began breaking out in riots, understandably... Otherwise, they were living like... like... factory farm animals it was so bad!!
` The National Guard troops had to be reminded that their instincts of being ready to shoot whoever approached them were not appreciated - the people they were helping were fellow Americans and weren't about to run toward them and blow themselves up. (Well, at least not the 'Mad Max' snipers... with them, who knows?)

` Well, at least he did something finally, but I think that making these people wait and suffer - and die! - is just inexcusable.
` If 'Dubya' hadn't started his stupid fake war, none of this would have happened!

` I can't wait until Bush is gone from office and never allowed to return again! I predict that he will get the booby prize for American presidency!

` To read about how Bush reacted very slowly and casually while he knew the September 11th terrorist attacks were going on (he didn't seem so obsessed with terrorists then!), EdgeWalker has posted a timeline (in this post) showing what was happening with the planes and how Bush was talking to a buch of schoolchildren instead of ordering fighters to shoot the planes down before they crashed into their targets!

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irish/turkish chic said...

yo. i know. it looks like bush want to do nothing for the hurricane victims. but my opinion is very small. can't stand to see a of the deviation (i hope i spelled it right). well later. em