Sunday, August 07, 2005

I've got to lay off the blogging!

` I love blogging, don't get me wrong, but usually when I'm on my computer, that's what I'm doing. I don't nearly as much work on my novel or videos, answer my e-mail, or even look at my favorite blogs and webcomics, such as...

` PHARYNGULA - Avast ye, mateys!
` Fun-to-read scientific blog of the eccentric biologist P. Z. Myers. It is mainly lots of weird and very interesting entries on the evolution and physiology of anything from bizarre extinct beasts to today's humble dragonfly! Also, there's some entries that aren't about science, but you can actually choose whether or not they are displayed!
` His current article is on The History Channel's Ape To Man program.
` Also, for reasons I fail to comprehend, Myers' blog can also be viewed in 'Pirate Mode' (referred to as Pharrryngula)!

` And, bringing this up again:

` Two good reasons to shirk responsibilities in order to goof off on the web. I miss that.

` Anyway... I'm going to cut down on blogging now and give anyone who wants the chance to catch up with all my previous (and very lengthy) entries. Feel free to comment anywhere!

` But before I go; we got the paper today. So how about another screenplay of a comic strip? Okay, at least more of a transcript.

` Pearls Before Swine/by Stephan Pastis.

VIENNA 1810:

` (Two men in a room, one is working at the piano.)

` "What are you doing, Beethoven?"

(Musical notes: Da dee da dee/da dee da dee/duuuuuuh...)
` "I am trying to write this 'Fur Elise' piece, but I cannot get it right and it is killing me... ahh, what is the use?! @#%@# it!!"

` "Beethoven, no! You cannot say that! Your work is beloved by all!"

` "Oh sure... they love it now... but what about in two hundred years??"

` "They will still love it."

` "No... no... I fear that only a small minority of the people will enjoy it... and that is not enough... I want the masses, the working classes - the commonders - to hear my music and to know my name..."

` "They will, Beethoven! They will!! I promise you that!"

` "Then I shall carry on! Through the toil and the agony and the sweat and the tears!! I shall produce this work as my gift to those people!! May they forever savor each and every note of this, my arduous labor!!!!!"

Present day, in a bar somewhere...

` (Da dee da dee/da dee da dee/duuuuuuh...)

` "Yo, dude... your cell phone is ringing."

` The rodent guy is thinking: 'Stupid @#@%@#@ cell phones....'

` Ha! Isn't that great?

` Oh, in case anyone still cares, Phil, EdgeWalker and I just drove up to Rainhomish (Snohomish). Not that it's been raining any lately. There weren't any parachuters or stunt flyers along the way this time, but there were many balloonists drifting low over the countryside, clearly in danger of smashing into the poplars.
` Basically, we went on a hike at Lord Hill: In two different parts of the main trail - which was parched dry instead of soupy! - we saw these black-tailed deer just plodding along slowly, eating lichen and leaves along the way. We looked at them and they looked at us, but they didn't seem at all troubled and kept munching through the undergrowth almost as if we weren't there.
` Evidently, people take the 'No Hunting' signs in parks seriously around here!


jon said...

dude, lord hill is cool

S E E Quine said...

You were just WAITING for me to post something, weren't you?

jon said...

haha yes, all day and nite

turkishchic said...

laying off of blogging. oh man i love ur stories.

S E E Quine said...

Thanks! :)