Monday, August 15, 2011

Our unexpected campsite

Always in a game of catch-up with my photojournal...

July 17-18, 2011:

On Sunday, I was all ready to go camping, but Lucas wasn't feeling well. Still, I prodded him to, just to get out of the house and away from the humdrum everyday life.

Rusty sez: "Humdrum? I'm not humdrum!"

jun-jul 426 Rusty in midst of camping gear

Lucas and I set out for Goat Lake Trail, although he wasn't feeling good at all, what with intestinal/ankle trouble. He got me to drive all the way up to Arlington before a woman at the Food Pavillion told us it was in Granite Falls.
` At about this time, I got a call from Anthony. Turns out, HE had just tried to call Lucas' phone, and it was at the Safeway we had just stopped at!
` It was a good thing, because Lucas had thought he'd left it at home!
` As the Safeway was along the way back, we went back there and then continued to the Mountain Loop Highway. Lucas begged me to take him back home, so we wound up compromising and just stopping at a car campsite. Boring!
` But, as it required no walking, and it had a regular bathroom, yet was far away from our house, I thought it was a good place to stop. So, in lieu of hiking, I put my boots on and then jogged around the place for a little while.

Our campsite was next to this river:

jun-jul 427 Misty river

As usual, Wonkyfoot has followed me:

jun-jul 435 Wonkyfoot track

The trees around there were all so covered in moss:

jun-jul 436

Home is where you hang your sleeping bag:

jun-jul 432 Home is where you hang your sleeping bag

The sun has finally come out!

jun-jul 437

This picture is up the river:

jun-jul 438

Another one several minutes later:

jun-jul 440

We only had enough wood for one small campfire, so we saved it for morning. In the meantime, we had an interesting night light:

jun-jul 441

By nightfall there was, as usual, Wonkyfoot-associated UFO activity. Yawn.

jun-jul 442

The river the next morning:

jun-jul 445

Evidently, there was some sort of scuffle during the night:

jun-jul 447

Lovely morning:

jun-jul 450

The river again:

jun-jul 451

The shiny water:

jun-jul 452

Me on a big rock:

jun-jul 453

Looking up the river again:

jun-jul 456

Looking back toward the shore:

jun-jul 459

The trees:

jun-jul 460

Our tent:

jun-jul 462

It's not very far from our car!

jun-jul 463

Trees, trees, everywhere!

jun-jul 464

More trees:

jun-jul 465

Bye, river!

jun-jul 467

Back to my plane-makin' civilization:

jun-jul 469 Look into Boeing!

And when we got home... no comment, LOL!

jun-jul 470 Seriously.

It was not long until we realized that Rusty had been missing since the night before, and I got worried about him. Even so, I stopped to pick the raspberries.

Here's the large variety:

jun-jul 472

Have some, Vada!

jun-jul 475 Have a raspberry, Vada!

Come on, now! Let's go find Rusty!

jun-jul 478

But then, some barking poodles scared her away, all the way from up here!

jun-jul 479 Deckpoodles scared Vada away!

Then, hours later, who should show up at the door? Rusty! He gave a meow and did a little dance, jumping by lifting his paws off the ground one at a time. Very strange! Wherever he's been, he's glad to be back!
` Then he went to join Vada in staring down our neighbor's cat Mr Yoboshi:

jun-jul 483

He doesn't know why she stares at him with such hostility, as you can probably tell.

jun-jul 485 Vada staring down Mr. Y

She must have the loudest stare of any cat I know!

jun-jul 487


jun-jul 488 Mr Yoboshi Yawns

Rusty was like, "Hey!! But I like him!"

jun-jul 490

After this, however, Rusty disappeared again and hasn't come back. I suspect that Vada has chased him off, perhaps with that very stare!
` Poor Rusty. I love the fuzzball. And his piles of debris.

Also, I realize this post has very little substance -- I mostly just crammed in as many photos as probably would not crash the average browser. For the rest of my July photos, click here!

There'll be a lot more next time!