Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crypticon Idol - starring my boyfriend, on YouTube, now!

YES! I've been waiting for this moment, only we didn't have the internet for so long. Here, after a long wait, is a spoof of American Idol for the Seattle Crypticon, called Crypticon Idol.

So, even if you hate/don't know much about American Idol/horror movies, you will most likely enjoy the comedy. As long as little splatters of Crystal Lite don't gross you out.

Anyway, now that the ads are on YouTube, you can watch them right now on my blog! Even better, the first thing you see onscreen is me, behind Kip, holding a sign with a drawing I did of Lou Ryan as Pinhead, with an 'I' and a 'Heart'... who would have thunk I'd wind up loving Pinhead?
` To my left somewhere is my roommate Johnny McPherson, holding up another sign I made that says 'Hi, Mom!', and behind him one can see Dr. Giggles (in cognito). Someone else is holding a sign I made that says 'Ryan Seacrest is a Fag!' with a Marijuana leaf over the word 'Fag'. (That one wasn't my idea.)

Without further ado, here's Pinhead, Carrie and Jason judging a crazy American Idol reject and a shallow sorority chick, both of whom get to meet Dr. Giggles, in person!

If that wasn't enough, the next one has been posted today. This time, the auditioners include Steve the Panda, who they had a hard time not laughing at, and a hot chick - BTW, Lou Ryan's comment was improvisation, and it just so turned out that someone had a towel.
` Best of all, though, the stuck-up loser theater guy (below) was so funny that Lou Ryan's makeup kept needing touched up from all the tears of laughter. It looks like Dr. Giggles had a Crystal Lite-good time with him, too!

What do you think? Do you think they're funny? Does anyone else think Lou Ryan looks better as Pinhead?


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Thanks, kid!

I am watching both episodes without sound and wishing my computer audio was working!

S E E Quine said...

Dang! It's much funnier with sound, as not-great as the sound itself is. What's wrong with it?

Kingcover said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha!!! OMG that was dang funny Spoony. Both of them. Great special effects with the blood splutter in the second film - no expense spared with that ;-)

p.s. in the first vid why were you grabbing your boob??? At least in my mind that is what was happening. Lol.

G-Man said...


And I have sound now.

It would have been much funnier with you in it!

The blond in the second Vid with the shorts was kinda hot.

But she can't hold a candle to you Sequin...

Lou makes a great Pinhead...You should have had that flying 'Death Ball' Thingy....G

S E E Quine said...

Flying death balls are my second-favorite kind of balls! So glad you guys enjoyed... there is now a THIRD one out, as it happens, and I know you will love it EVEN MORE!

Mona Albano said...

Just wanted to let you know there was a famous mathematician(?) & philosopher named Quine at Harvard. He had reputation for good writing so I'll have to find some of his work.

S E E Quine said...


Anonymous said...

Tallguy: I have absolutely no interest in science fiction thanks to the group we are in, otherwise I would probably watch that.
Did you notice how I managed to say simply "I want a better life." without making fun of anyone, and still managed to be mocked?
You strike me as someone not bound to any sort of chains, so I think you can see this. But since I've tried to be nice already, I'll just say it... Would you copy habits people who still live with their mothers at age 25 pressure you to do?
I think the opposite of everything that would be mentioned is just healthy compared to.
I do enjoy their company, but being mocked for wanting a better life's just insane. I'll be staying home and working on stuff from now on, lest I'm Jake-deprived. You have fun, and hope you benefit from this sharing of an experience. Perhaps you can break the mental ideas that keep you coming there too, it's masochistic if it just cycles in on nothingness while we age. We have huge potential, unexpressed would be more than a shame. Even in an illusion. It's like being held down by shadows that aren't there, to me that is. G/L!

Anonymous said...

PS: Lou has way more acting skill than the contestants... and I did watch some. I could stand Lou but the rest seriously need... a lot. Including the host... (no comment on Kerry or Jason who did nothing anyway...)

S E E Quine said...

Hrm, you want a better life and got mocked for it? Darn, if only I'd found this earlier when I could remember.
` Hmmm. Good point. If you're living with your mom, you may be lacking in survival skills.
` Unlike you.
` What habits were these again?

Anyway, I'm not too close to the group myself, simply because I'm extremely ambitious. I'm not sure if anyone there would help me with my dreams. Of becoming a sci-fi writer.

Thanks! I'll tell Lou that you thought he was actually talented.

The pocket meat guy was hilarious, though!! After all, he was playing a bad actor!