Thursday, February 05, 2009

Spoony finally checks her email!

My inbox says I have 686 unread messages.

It's been a while - long enough for gmail to have been changed drastically since last time I've checked my email.

` Here is the first message that might make good blog content.

It's a link to a review of a book about how to teach morals to robots! Good luck with that, dude.

And what's this? An ankylosaur skull was scientifically studied and it was published, which is fine, except it's terrible because bones are thought to have been smuggled from the Gobi Desert and oh no, the world's gonna end!

"It is totally inappropriate to publish on this specimen; it is stolen patrimony," says Mark Norell, curator of vertebrate palaeontology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, who does field work in Mongolia and China.
I never knew Mark Norell was such a tightass! Nor this guy, who I think looks funny:
Philip Currie, a palaeontologist at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, says that publishing work about such fossils only encourages the raging illegal trade. "This really flags a horrendous problem in Mongolia, where a frightening number of specimens are smuggled abroad," says Currie.
Oh, it's such a tragedy that someone actually found the damn fossil and described it so we can all know about it instead of it going completely unrecognized while sitting in someone's living room!

Okay, do you think that's enough bitter sarcasm? That's great because it just so happens I have to go right now, to bed, but before I do...

Recently discovered toads with pretty colors! Colors!!


Galtron said...

Stolen dinosaur fossils? Sounds like it'd be right up Nociceptor's alley.

g-man said...

Hows that Video coming along?

Daisy said...

You get some interesting email! HA HA!

What, no ads for Viagra and ones trying to sell you cheap car insurance?

Good luck wading through all those messages. Hope you have a good day today. :D

S E E Quine said...

Still catching up with commentary....

Eh, Nociceptor has no use for dinosaur fossils. Dinosaur DNA, on the other hand....