Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christmas has finally come!

I'll be working on photo posts shortly - this one could be as well if I had already re-unburied my computer. I'm doing that in a sec.

First, though I wanted to tell you all that Lou Ryan and I have finally received the Christmas presents from my mom! Why did it take so long? Part of it was because she was taking the time to make everyone afghans, and she didn't bring mine with her when she went on vacation!
` Better late than never, and it's really nice! In fact, that'll be my afghan to snuggle with Violet in while I'm doing my homework!
` Oh yes, and school is going great! I get to play 'Dr. Nociceptor' in a skit tomorrow! Anyway, the package also contained such strange things as a cat dish mat, a vintage travel poster calendar, and a bird-chirping alarm clock (hopefully less irritating than my phone, which Lou Ryan turned off the other day because it was bothering him so much).
` But wait, that's not all! She also threw in a Jeckyll Island tank top for me, a T-shirt for Lou Ryan, towels, washcloths, no-slip bath mat, dry erase markers for my giant dry erase board, a magnetic photo of her and her boyfriend being assailed by pirates, and a really cool Mother of Pearl necklace from Great Guana (where things are 'gooder').
` You can tell she packed most of this stuff before Christmas because there are also three hand-carved snowflake ornaments, a fake bird's nest decoration, plus some things for the kitchen including kitchen towels and a knife (tied with ribbons and a tag labeled 'to Da Gangsta, from Sarah's Mom'), a serving basket, deep dark drinking chocolate, a veggie cookbook, pomegranate raspberry green tea, pecans, sesame seed snacks, Bentley's green tea, wild crabapple jelly, and those wonderful (though strangely peachless) Georgia peach cookies!

Anyway, gotta go, being kicked out again!


Daisy said...

Merry Christmas!! Christmas is good any time of the year. What wonderful gifts for you. That must have been a fun box to open. I love getting stuff in the mail---well, not bills, but you know, cool stuff like you got. ha ha! :D

Hope you have a good weekend, Sarah.

Mona Albano said...

Congrats on having Christmas, finally! Are you going to trek to the Seattle Science Center to look at the afarensisbones? Apparently 'Lucy' is visiting.

G-Man said...

I've been to Jekyll Island, kinda neat there. I'd like to see your classroom skit....G

Kingcover said...

LMAO! So I did a new post on my blog about an hour ago and entitled it "Better late than never", then I come here and read a few lines from the top of this post that you typed "Better late than never ...". I may need to go and lie down now. The coincidence is a little overwhelming. Lol.

Galtron said...

How can cookies be both peach and peachless? Is that a Schrodinger issue?

I read this a while ago, by the way. Glad you finally had Christmas!

S E E Quine said...

Argh, I'm finally commenting and will be by people's blogs sometime soon. I think.

Daisy - you too!

Mona - oh, I love afarensis bones!

G-Man - I created a monster on stage!

Kingcover - *Hums theme to Twilight Zone*

Galtron - They're fake peach cookies, made from real fake peaches!