Saturday, November 01, 2008

I had the bad dream again....

This is the fifth time I've woken up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat and screaming from my very vivid memory of seeing a future where Barack doesn't win and it's all my fault! I'm such a lazy-ass and I have no excuse! Whaaaaaa! I'm sorry! I'mmmm sorrryyyy! I'm a bad man!
` Or at least, in my dream I'm a man. 'Cause I'm always a man in my dreams. You know, it's more fun that way.
` Ohh... just watch the video!


PS, I strongly dislike not having my computer. Not only do I have to share with a business, but I don't have my bloggy friends' bookmarks to tell me which ones I'm not visiting. Because I have a very small memory.

My new post will be on the Corrigendopedia tomorrow.


Kingcover said...

HAAAAAAAAAAA!!! That's a classic! Love it!
Hmm now I'm wondering if I can trick you into voting for McCain. I don't think you would want any more sweats though :-P

Daisy said...

Ha ha ha! That was great! John McCain might bomb his goats. What a nightmare! Thanks for sharing that. I got a good laugh. Only two more days!!

Galtron said...

If I have to pick you up and drag you to the voting booth myself, I will prevent this tragedy!
Besides... it would give me an excuse to check out your new house! Please get your computer up and running! I want to see pictures!!!