Monday, October 13, 2008

Hello from the office computer!

The computers got buried for a while and covered up with a bunch of stuff, but now the MacPro is set up, with a nice desk and everything, so... I'm using it. Not sure where to put my computer, which is currently covered in sawdust, but I'll think of something.

Currently, B-Dizzle is making fajitas from scratch - right now he's beating the tortillas into shape. Anyway, I gotta go. It's really noisy in the house right now for some reason and there's no door on this room at the moment, and I'm not even wearing my earplugs, but I'm too lazy to, and besides dinner's soon.... and I feel like such a spoiled rich person, living in a house with kitchen appliances and bathrooms and even televisions. AMAZING!!

Now, that was a sentence.

Anyway, hope to dust my own comp off soon and show you my awesome pictures of this place. And the fajitas. And various other amazing meals which no longer exist because B-Dizzle has made them in the past. And the various ways in which the cats have gotten themselves into trouble.

Peace, love, happiness, and toast, (I LOVE TOAST! I'm so spoilt!)

Sarote ("Big Sara")


Daisy said...

Hello! That was indeed a sentence--maybe a sentence and a half! HA! So glad to hear you have room to spread out a bit now and that you have TOAST! Hurray! :) I hope you have butter for your toast too! Glad to hear things are falling into place for you. Good news makes me smile.

Kingcover said...

Whoweeee you're back in the land of the living *feels around for Spoony* Yeppers it's true, you really are alive :-P

I had fajitas on Saturday. Hoping you enjoyed yours as well.
Hey that toast comment reminded me of that song about Toast. You know that funny one recorded in a radio station I think :-)

S E E Quine said...

Daisy, glad to make you smile! I shall have to get back to blogland soon. And email land - phew
` I do indeed have butter as well! It's like... butter! (I'm a bit verklempt at the whole thing still.)
` Oh guess what else we have now? Lucas put windows in our master bedroom! You know what he put in after that? Walls to go around the windows. (Keeps the birds out.) For a while, the house was looking strange with three windows suspended in mid-air....

Oooh! Feel me more! I mean... would you like to feel my pulse, too? I mean....
` Mmmm. Fajitas. I can still taste the heartburn. What is this toast song you speak of? Is it the Bob and Tom one?

Mona Albano said...

Good to hear from you! I was getting worried.

You could PHOTOGRAPH the meals and have a historical record of them. Like my "base cuisine" set on the personal blog. Nothing so fancy as fajitas.

Kingcover said...

Yes the Bob And Tom song entitled Toast (couldn't remember who sung it).

S E E Quine said...

In fact, Mona, this is what I have been doing - Iron Chef B-Gangsta's meals are all on visual record.
` Except... my computer's just not hooked up yet.

Well, Gareth, I know that song is on YouTube, so I'll have to listen to it when the sound is working on this thing (don't know what's going on).