Friday, May 09, 2008

It's the little things I don't write about. And, oh yeah... Cattain's Log!

Okay, today I'm going to get my photos loaded up today. As soon as I get done re-taking my online Midterm. (Which, incidentally, I found isn't being taken offline right at five today, according to my anthropology instructor, whom I ran into near my apartment. Yay for extra time! ...I didn't say that!)

In the meantime, I would like to mention that there are great and wonderful things which I frequently comment about on other people's blogs, though I don't write about them here! A recent example involves Violet when she was only this big (that would be Lou Ryan foot-sized):

giantfootpillow One day, little Men's Size 12H Violet went up behind Lou Ryan, put her paws under his shirt and clawed his back!
` He shouted at her and she ran behind the easel. Then, he stared at her and spoke very sternly. As she was looking back, her eyes got very big and sad. Violet knew she had been a bad space kitten.
` Finally, Lou said, "Awww, are you sorry, Violet? It's okay! Daddy forgives you!" and she immediately mewed and trotted over to him for some petting.

` After that, she went right back behind his chair, stuck her paws under his shirt, and to my amazement, this time she only pushed on his back!
` In other words, she repeated her actions, only this time she did it the right way! She got lots of attention for that one!

What a smart space kitten! That's why she's the Cattain!

Also, I don't think I've ever mentioned the fact that the cats imitate us, apparently believing that they're going to grow up into hairless, tailless things like us!
` For example, whenever Lou and I are both reading something, the cats think 'it's sitting around and staring at pages time', so they'll actually sit down in a place where they can see what we're reading and stare along with us!
` Occasionally, Violet glances up to look at us as if to ask "What does this word mean?" and then goes back to staring like the book, as if waiting for the type to turn into ants. Sometimes she even meows in excitement! It's really weird.
` Similarly, Vada likes to stare at the computer screen. I think she thinks that my blog is some kind of ant farm.

Of the two cats, however, Violet is the most brilliant (though Vada may be an autistic savant). Just the other day, Violet said to me: "Silly human, we can't play the green stick game (fetch) with the purple thing, we have to play it with the green stick!" And she's so right, because the purple thing is too heavy to be dragging all over the furniture!

I should probably also mention, if I haven't before, what Lou Ryan does when I'm trying to answer emails or do homework in our tiny studio apartment (where we can't get away from one another). It's really funny.
` He typically gets in front of me and says; "You won't see me at all while you're doing your homework. You won't hear a thing. Here I am shutting up. Nope, you won't see or hear me at all! I'll be totally out of the picture!"
` Then he starts waving his arms behind the computer monitor. "No, you won't even know I'm around! You'll ask yourself, 'where's Lucas?' Not here!"

` What a cutie he is, and what a lucky girl I am! And speaking of cuties, here's another photo from my next Cattain's Log:

clawstoyou It really reminds me of the scene in this particular comic strip. (The one below it's hilarious, too!)

If all goes well, I'll have the next two Cattain's Logs up this weekend. Keep an eye out for them, will ye?

` Sunday Update: I was not able to do much in the way of blogging (or homework, or anything) because on Saturday I was away all day on a field trip and today I was sick all day because I had a headache so bad I kept throwing up, even just water! Luckily, Lou Ryan used his superpowers to relieve the tension in my back and it disappeared like magic!


G-Man said...

I too am a cat lover.
I have 2, Beaver, and Remy!
Beaver is quite outgoing and very friendly, he too has learned the claw trick on your body.
Remy on the other hand, is a skittish 'fraidy-cat', that is NOT very social. He does enjoy ice-cream though...
I loved this post Sara, it was easy to read, it flowed well, and the pics were helpful to the story...
I rate it an 8 1/2...
I'll try not to be such a stranger...sorry.
Galen xo

Monado said...

I'm looking forward to the next Cattain's log! Violet and Vada are so cute! Does "Vada" mean anything or is it just a nice sound?

I've copied my personal blog over to Wordpress for greater reliability...

S E E Quine said...

` An 8 1/2? Indeed, shortness is a virtue!
` Aren't cats the greatest? I know Mutters doesn't thinks so....
` Thanks for stoppin' by!

` I think Lucas named Vada after the main character in My Girl, which is actually a movie I like because MaCauly Culkin's character is horribly killed by bees!
` I'll have to go over your Wordpress blog - I've been meaning to.

J Morgetron said...

I think Lou needs to trim his toenails.

S E E Quine said...

` Don't worry - he has already since that photo was taken.

` ...Once. ;)

Alex the Blogging Cat said...

Very nice kitty picktures.

angel said...

aaaw lou ryan is such a sweety!
and your furbabies are simply gawjiss'ly marvellous!