Thursday, July 19, 2007

The LAST post about my new blog!

` Finally; Number Four, Bethink Avenue is up and running! So, what's it all about? For a clue I'll include the first post I put up there, entitled First; The Rules, which went like this....

` This is a blog where I will explore various ideas and promote critical thinking. But I will be doing this in an intellectual manner, not a comedic one as I have before.

` It's true that I like to be a seriously silly person, though sometimes I prefer to be just plain serious:
` There will be no hostility towards anybody, no hurling insults, no offensive language, and (for good measure) no sexual connotations on this weblog! I'm sorry if you feel I am a spoilsport for this, as Bethink Avenue is for... well... presenting ideas and logic in a 'civilized' manner.
` If anyone does make such comments, I will simply delete them; even my own friends have to be careful of what they say. I honestly don't want comments to get out of hand because I know these things can get pretty ugly. (Pretty ugly - is that an oxymoron?)

` Besides my 'rules of decency', of course, you can say what you like so don't think I'm trying to censor people if they don't agree with me! Arguments are fine, as long as they are done intellectually!
` Now; if you have anything to say about anything I've written, let us develop a seemly dialog!
` The post was followed by seventeen reactions, including;

G-Man said...

No F***ing swearing?
No F***Ing Comedy?
Spoony That S**ks!!!
Am I being too critical?

Galtron said...

Ohhhh alll right! I'll behave!


Gareth (now Kingcover) said...

Well if I am not allowed to be hostile or insulting, if I am supposed to use proper English words and nothing about sexual innuendo then I guess I am left with a few small words and prepositions. Hmmm this is going to be harder than I thought but I will try to keep it peaceful around here. Hey do you need an assistant sheriff??? :-P

` I might, actually! I just hope that's not too tough for my Bethink visitors to handle. I just want to be really serious and professional here. Who knows? It could lead to a career someday!
` So, to make sure I didn't invite flaming or people rebuking me for being proud of having non-professionalness, I took the links to my other blogs off of Bethink Avenue, then created an entirely different profile so that I didn't have to remove my other blogs from my own profile.
` Some people actually commented on this move - Gareth asked;

Umm where did your 4th blog go to? :-)

Galtron said...

What happened to the links to your other blogs? I liked that, 'number four' and 'the other three'. I noticed also you haven't linked this blog to them, either.

Does this mean you're cutting yourself off from yourself?

Joey M. said...

I personally think refusing to acknowledge this blog from within your other three (and vice versa) is a bit overdoing. It makes you look like you're ashamed of your more personal, humorous writing, and there's no reason to be. I think the readers of one of your blogs would be interested in seeing the other three as well.

` Well, now that I have an actual thread going, I have finally linked Bethink Avenue from my three other blogs (as you can see), plus I have been advised to put a link to my art blog on it as well. That one could inadvertently result in people stumbling into my other two, but only if they were actually interested in the Other Side of Spoony.

` By the way, the Worthy Science Sources website now says:

Serendipity is real for just but a short few weeks ago I discovered the talents of S. E. E. Quine who was writing in less than academic conditions and letting her talent flounder. Thus, WSS invites you to link to her blog, read her material, and makes comments. She thrives on critical analysis and champions an opportunity to dialog and learn from many individuals.

A New Blog Website Devoted To Essays On Science, Philosophy, And Current Events

Established By

S. E. E. Quine

Her first essay is called "The Importance of Comparison"

Go to...

` Well, why not? (Hint!! Hint!)


locomocos said...

it rawks! congrats again!

Galtron said...

Spiffy other new profile pic!

Anonymous said...
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