Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Weirdo Crowd: Denny’s

` Besides Zippy’s, Denny’s is also a place of wild activity. Yes, that’s right; the unnassuming, All-American chain of diners! You see, at Denny’s it’s never too late, so you can stay all night, as long as you keep ordering things!
` Naturally, if I want to stay up late at night on Wednesdays and Thursdays, I have sometimes found myself at one Denny’s or another, each with its own set of crazy regulars.
` It just so happens that one night, a moon or so ago, I actually had taken my Human Flesh Bound Gilded Notebook (HFBGN) to the Denny’s a few blocks from my closet, as well as my Crappy Digital Camera (CDC)! However, according to the HFBGN, I had also taken some cheese I’d meant to stow away in my fridge after my trip to the store. (I had been carrying it there because I’d forgotten to bring my own bag to the store, you see....)
` Anywho, when I’d first arrived, the place was packed! For example, this Crappy Digital Photo (CDP) probably shows Cheerleader in the lower left corner, and I think Uber ADHD Girl is next to her with the weird neckline, the back of Nymphomaniac is between them, and across from them is Monkey Kitty Dude with quite-stiff braids drinking something that probably makes him hyper, aaaand Dead Fetus Guy is the one sitting on the bench in the corner behind him.

` However, the crowd slowly died down into a more manageable size, without anyone even getting dragged to the curb by irate Denny’s staff! I managed to hitch a ride with Nympho as she drove some people home in order to deposit the cheese in my fridge and return to the action.
` And action there was! Says my HFBGN; ‘I have dropped the pocket-cheese off at my apartment, and am currently being groped by both a sizeable gay castrato and his slick little cousin. According to them, I am not even a pervert, but rather a ‘prevert’, while they are beyond perverted, which is known as ‘postverted’.
` I had had no idea such terminologies existed!
` And, for your viewing pleasure, here is a picture of the slick little guy (Angel of Lust) and his cousin (The Eunuchorn... yes, I should probably be shot for that one), as well as some girl who is competing with him in a tongue-cherry stem-tying contest!

` As usual, Adorable Gay Hottie was there, drinking a flavored cappuccino and he didn’t even notice that I so rudely took a picture of him doing so. Notice his further hair-maulage, as well as the crazy braids of the ever-hyper Monkey Kitty Guy sticking up from behind his head.

` In the background, as I recall, Nympho had been talking to Jesus about himself and what life was like two thousand years ago. For a little while, I flitted from table to table with her, buzzing in the hair of all who dared be present.
` Soon enough, she managed to settle in the hair of the Eunuchorn, who I secretly photographed in her presence, along with some yet-unknown creature, Xenophon and Uber ADHD Girl in the background.

` Eventually, I settled at the table with the Postvert Cousins. Boy, was that a trip! My HFBGN says; ‘...Now I’m sitting across Angel of Lust, and he’s pulling me under the table hereIgo!’
` It also tells of a parking lot outing: ‘We’re at The Eunuchorn’s van right now! Angel is cramming cucumber rolls in out mouths while Eunuchorn whips us with a cat o’ nine tails! Oh yeah!!’
` Ah yes, I remember that now! Back inside at the table, I’d also written this; ‘Eunuchorn is singing this song from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Why? Because the others have stated that they were not afraid to hurl salt and pepper shakers while he was singing another, quite annoying song. However, this change of songs has not helped their opinions.’
` We had some fairly interesting discussions. For example, Eunuchorn said that his Powhatan family carried the tribal concept of five genders. You see, there are ‘manly men’, ‘womanly men’, ‘androgynous’, ‘manly women’, and ‘feminine women’. So, everyone has their place in society; men and women who meet more ‘stereotypical’ definitions, people who identify as the opposite sex; are attracted to the opposite sex; or at least behave like the opposite sex, and those who are neither particularly man-like or woman-like. Well, that is refreshing – and more accurate! Why doesn’t everyone have something like that? It would probably advance this culture in certain areas to a large extent!’
` What other things had gone on, I can scarcely remember because they had not been recorded in my HFBGN.
` All too soon, the night was nearing an agreed-upon end and people were leaving left and right. Still, Angel stuck around for a little while as we groped him, and his cousin tried to make it look as if Angel's tie was his fly for this picture:

` Also for the camera, Eunuchorn demonstrated his use of the cat o’ nine tails on Nympho. Isn’t it delightful?

` You can say ‘no’ if you want. It’s okay. I was just asking your opinion. Jeez. Well, that’s it for now. Don’t forget – I still put up science posts! I just have plenty of ones that are full of pictures, whether or not anyone is interested.


Galtron said...

No. And wow - for sure I'm going to move to a remote area where there are no Denny's. Perhaps Europa. I've always wanted to live on an ice floe.....

Denny said...

i had no idea such things were happening at my place while im gone.

cassie d said...

Blech! Everytime i try to comment on your blog - my computer FREEZES!!!

But A-HA!!! i hope this goes through!!!!

Galtron said...

Blame the anti-Spoony gremlins. They've been picketing outside my room for months!

S E E Quine said...

` Bastards. I'll send some mechanical henchmen over, and if that doesn't clear up the problem, perhaps you could try a different internet browser?

Anonymous said...
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