Tuesday, May 30, 2006

One Crazy Day (sometime around April 1)

` I had taken some Crappy Digital Photos around late March or early April, but wasn't able to put them up until I'd discovered that my Crappy Digital Camera could be used as a memory stick. Then, posting too many picture posts when I'd figured it out, I was more eager to put up even newer things.
` Even though I had completed the post over a month ago, I have let it sit because I was afraid that I would overload my readers with nothing but picture posts.

` So, without much of that going on now, I feel, it is time for me to dredge it up. Behold:

` Since my Crappy Digital Camera doesn’t take much in the way of ‘artistic’ pictures – i.e. close-ups of insects on flowers or long shots of seagulls squabbling with crows – my use of it is exceedingly limited. As a result, I tend to use the CDC for picture of people and buildings.

` Irritatingly, the pictures are 1600 pixels across – and highly compressed at the same time! They generally have a lot of artifacts and noise while they’re full-size, and shrinking them sometimes only enhances the effect.

` Still, I am capable of photographing many boring, somewhat erotic day-to-day activities. Here I have written about a random day when I found myself over at Nymphomaniac’s house with my camera. This time, no exaggerations!

` I approached the house sometime around noon, I think. The door was answered by a pasty, shirtless Adorable Gay Hottie. I was confused as to why this was until he turned around…

` Don’t worry, folks! It didn’t really hurt as bad as it looks. Indeed, he said that it hurt pretty good, as this was Xenophon’s violent way of showing affection.
` Upstairs in Nympho’s room I found that the guys were actually attempting to play a video game, though Top Hat Girl had a much more fun agenda – complementary backstabber with an apparently good-tasting dagger.

` That is... while she wasn’t being restrained from doing so by Xeno.

` And finally, for all you curious little monkeys, a photo of Dead Fetus guy’s ear!! (Just as he is about to be decapitated!)

` While we were discussing our physical characteristics, Nympho mentioned that I was freakish in that I only have five toes. Top Hat Girl said; “You have five toes? Oh… wait, I’m stupid. Let me stop before I get any farther behind.”
` And with that, she collapsed into a heap, pinning Xeno and Adorable, who really didn’t seem to mind. While she was in this vulnerable state, I attempted to stab her....

` But I just couldn’t bring myself to attack. Instead, I joined in this shameless mass of cuddling, out from under which Adorable had to escape in order to put in a certain CD I’d brought.

` That’s right. A Barnes and Barnes CD. (For those of you who are not familiar, the cover features Bill Mumy and Robert Haimer wearing trash bags and shades with oversize pictures of eyes on them. It’s quite a disturbing thing to behold.)
` Amid the fondling on the bed, there was plenty of; “What the hell? Did I just hear what I think I heard?” whenever anyone was paying attention to the lyrics.
` Nevertheless, the shift of focus was all centered around lounging on the bed. No wild sex did occur, however there was some pretty extensive burritolingus going on.
` As revolting as that might sound.

` Now, one may get the impression by merely the photographic evidence that Nympho was not actually there at her house – in fact, what had happened was that I had not managed to take any good pictures of her (as usual) and so wound up deleting them before any of them wound up on my computer.
` Later on, after the three people who needed to get a room tried to use Nympho’s (thereby creating some Major Alienation), Nympho fled with me to my car.

` We got to my house and then walked around aimlessly. As this was the full height of tree-flowering (among the city’s decorative trees, anyway), there were quite a bit of those hanging around:

` Before, while I’d walked by days before, I had seen my previous apartment’s exterior in the process of being repainted. (EdgeWalker says it was quite dark in there, and rather like living in a quarantined biohazard area.) Since then, quite a bit of work had been accomplished.

` Oooh! Lookit the seagulls! Here’s a better view – you can see the building where the Co-Op is:

` And here is a close-up shot of the south-facing side of A-Building....

` It looks so bright and cheery, you'd never know that the tenants (including those who had worked there!) were being forced out of their homes. Darn condominium companies!

` As I was saying, Nympho and I actually went to the Co-Op and I bought some Opiated Crackers and some Herb-And-Tofu Substance, which we enjoyed after walking to a grungy parking lot by the Naval Base. We were able to talk about things and pay attention to random people, thereby taking her mind off of her troubles.

` (I did not take any pictures there, however, because the beautifulness of the water and mountains was obscured by the Icky Chain-Link Fences and Other Gray Things.)
` In fact, we even wound up doing battle once again with Lou Ryan later on in the day, which was quite distracting to any of our day-to-day woes.
` All and all, it was a fairly normal day. Of course, I posted none of this way back when it had occurred because, at the time, I had no idea that I could use my camera as a memory stick – now I know better.
` And knowing is half the battle! G. I. Joe!!!!


Galtron said...

I am struck by one thing... Mysteriously, you keep running into freakazoids. Are you responsible for the condition of any of these citizens?

S E E Quine said...

` That depends on one thing: Do you like freakazoids or not?

Galtron said...

Oh, yes, I am a proud freakazoid myself, thanks to all the crazy people manipulating my mind...

Aaron said...

Spoony, are you responsible for those marks on that poor mans back?

S E E Quine said...

` Of course not! As I said, it was Xenophon's violent affections!

Denny said...

two things : that ear is bizare ! and i used to date a girl that like to destroy the skin on my back like that photo, brought back some strange memories.

S E E Quine said...

` Glad I could invoke some of those.

Anonymous said...
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