Friday, April 21, 2006

The 'Lost Pictures'

` It's a bird... it's a plane.... No, I'm fairly sure that's a bird.

` As I'm about to go on a camping trip today, I thought I'd stop by the library and upload a few of the pictures I wished I'd had the opportunity to show you in the past.
` Assuredly, this will not be a very good post, because there are two girls sharing the computer next to me, though at least they're not whispering!

` First up... Aaron especially; behold the
offending egg!

` In February, I had taken a lot of pictures of myself in my room. This is actually the first time I photographed my face in my creepy butcher knife cleaver.

` Oh, and does anyone remember when I'd mentioned that the Lou Ryan band played at Zippy’s?

` That's them. Note the logo in the window - it's different now than it was then.

` See the little orange juice thingy? It’s actually a screwdriver.

` I have no idea why that picture is so pixellated. I just put that up there in the hopes that you can see Lou's Iceman, the phallic, robot-gouging corner of which you can see just in front of his screwdriver.
` Next, here's Lou and Brian talking to their loyal fans (Brian's friends).

` Back to the set list!

` I have even captured the rare event that Lou has visited my closet....

` ...Though we usually hang out at his apartment, from which he has a clear view of both mountains (which had recently seen snow) and the Verizon building... which I may apply for a job at.

` As for more recent photos, I took this one a couple of weeks ago as I was walking to poetry reading.

` I also noticed that the fountain is finally going again!

` It’s been sunny a lot lately, though it wasn't yesterday at the time I took this picture from the Main Library: You can see that the Nautica (where I used to live) is now many-colored, due to its conversion into condominiums.

` And, as an added bonus: Lou Ryan playing at Wired and Unplugged... as filtered through the 'watercolor' setting of Microsoft 'Crappy' Photo Editor!

` ...Yes, he used to work at the Little Gym, hence the shirt. Anyway, I've got a date with good old Lou very soon. We're probably going to hop in his truck and take off down the Mountain Loop Highway. Catch ya later!


Joey M. said...

It's amazing how many people confuse the terms "knife" and "cleaver"…don't join the moronic masses who use the wrong words! People should learn to speak American properly.

Galtron said...

Yes! Don't leave us!!! ...To be perfectly fair, though, I must point out that Spoony here was plagued with the dreaded whispering of the library! Her brains weren't working right!

I've got to add, also, that Verizon is even sneakier than I'd ever thought -- it's apparently been disguising its buildings as hospitals and other non-Verizon-like structures!

Denny said...

ha i was thinking of the same thing about the cleaver. as for super hero Lou Ryan, Where is his cape ?

Aaron said...

The reflection of you in the meat cleaver is disturbing spoony. I like the filter you used on the last photo.

S E E Quine said...

` Arrrgh! Knife and cleaver! Indeed they are different! Thank you for catching that for me! (Especially since disturbing reflections are not as easily captured on knives!)

` And yes, I do believe that I was overwhelmed by the *whispering* happening right next to me!! I couldn't think at all!

` Glad you like the filter, Aaron, as it's the finest that Microsoft 'Crappy' Photo Editor can offer!

Laura said...

Very nice pictures!! I agree with Aaron... the cleaver one is kinda creepy... but cool nonetheless!

S E E Quine said...

` ...Wait a second! I wasn't suffering from whispering after all: The post clearly says that I was greatly distracted but that there was no whispering! Galtron, I thought it was your job to pay attention and fix things for me (?apparently?) and here you goofed up.
` Finally.

` I fixed the word 'knife', by the way.

` Oh, and Lou Ryan doesn't always wear his cape. He does, though, when he's saving the world.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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