Friday, February 10, 2006

My new closet!

` Yes, I do have CDPs (Crappy Digital Photos) of my new place! Several days ago, I went up to Phil's apartment to collect the last of my things, during which time I uploaded them (without his knowledge of my doing so) and then handed in my keys so that I cannot be tempted to do such a thing ever, ever again.
` Well, how else do you expect me to upload my CDPs?

` Anyway, here they are, roughly in the order they were taken: The first reveals the state of my room just after I had officially moved in....

` Whee. Yes, that would be Wayne's doing. And, if you turn around the other way...

` Yep, that's the whole room! Like I say; I don't have a closet - I moved into one! Complete with a filthy, plastic-covered window (over which I have a beautiful blue sheet now).

` Here was my actual view the next day after I had torn the plastic off:

` With the help of an acquaintence named Branton and his truck (plus, a good Samaritan named Pearl and her car!), I had everything set up like this:

` The next day, I got rid of my Wayne-issued TV (which doesn't work anyway) and moved my computer and Wayne-issued mini-fridge inside. Then, I picked up a mini garbage can, a Dirt Devil Scorpion and lovely sheets for my windows....

` Gee, I keep forgetting to buy light bulbs for the lamp, which fell off my bed. More importantly, though, my door remains lockless. I can thank Wayne for that.

` However, he did install switchplates: When he tried to install my lock, he discovered that he needed a tool he didn't have with him. So, I'm going to have to wait. How long? No idea.
` Anyway, as I have about five minutes left at this computer, feast your eyes on the boring view from the kitchen door!

` ...You can see the mountains better if you click on that one. And according to Ed - who has just moved out - this has been the state of the kitchen for the last six months (though at least he painted part of it).

` The cupboards aren't even clean inside! (Perhaps I'll be in charge of that part?) ...At least I finally have a place to hang the dreamcatcher given to me by Turkish-Irish Chic, which I dyed myself and implemented with my own manky feather collection.

` And - what the heck? - one last picture of my room:

` So, now you know what my new place looks like! And, as I'm probably about to be kicked off of this computer, I'd better get going!


Wed-nes-day said...

Sara, you're right. It is a closet. sigh. Wish you had a bigger place with a LOCK on it!!!!

Galtron said...

If you have the ability, you may want to do something like fix up the cabinets and agree to have it taken out of your rent.

...Or move out as soon as possible. Either or.

heather said...

I think my kitchen is bigger than your whole apartment. You didn't have to sign a year lease did you?

S E E Quine said...

` Ooh, good idea Galtron! I may call Wayne soon and start proposing such ideas!!
` And no, Heather, thankfully my lease is only six months. That's fine, as I really don't feel like moving all my stuff out - especially since I just bought a few more necessities.
` I think I can swing with this place until then.

Laura said...

I think you are doing a good job of making it your home, no matter how temporary. Don't think of it as small, think of it as quaint and warm.

S E E Quine said...

` You are correct - in fact, I just bought a file cabinet in which to put some of my stuff.

` Also, a Navy guy and I made fast friends last night and he taught me how to fold clothes military-style. As a consequence, my suitcase is no longer packed to the brim.

Amber said...

I hope things are going well. I also hope you'll be able to join us again soon. It's not the same without your comments and posts.

S E E Quine said...

` I'm okay, I just don't have much computer time.
` You miss me? I'm touched! In the head.
` Gotta go.

cassie d said...


i like the pics of your new helps me picture what you have been talking about all those other posts!!!


Galtron said...

Maybe what Wayne really owes you is the internet!

S E E Quine said...

` He says I'm getting my lock tonight, as he's just gotten back into town.
` Also, I did clean out a cupboard and rip out the unsalvageable shelving paper so that I have a place to keep my dishes.

` I'd spring for the internet myself, but my computer is going to need rebuilding if it is to become anything more than a paperweight.

Anonymous said...
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