Monday, February 06, 2006

It would be good to have someone to talk to just now, but alas....

` I'm at Yet Another Location. I'm Here because I've lost my cell phone. I was talking on it last night, but then I couldn't find it. That's Really Unfortunate because Wayne is supposed to come over sometime today or tomorrow with a lock for my door. If he calls me and I don't answer, he won't bother coming over - though most likely I will have to call him to get him to come over.
` I have my computer now, though I didn't bother turning it on yet. (However, I did bother turning on the TV set donated to me, but it only works for four seconds at a time, after which it makes a funny 'ooom' noise and turns back off.) The reason for my lack of PC activity began after I'd gotten out of the shower and was rather wet - as I'd forgotten to wash and retrieve my towels from Phil - when I noticed that my room was no longer warm.
` For a while, I was preoccupied with trying to figure out why my heat had decided to shut itself off. At least I have a bedsheet covering my window now - as the miniblinds didn't quite fit - to help hold in warmth. Still, the temperature plummeted to the point where I could see my breath, and even bundled up I couldn't sleep.

` After a while, I wondered what time it was, so I reached for my phone, which I'd put in my left coat pocket. It wasn't there, so I figured I had plugged it in to let it recharge. Not there, either. I spent half the night turning my apartment upside-down in the breath-visibilifying indoor weather.
` No luck.
` By then, I was so chilled that I decided something to eat might warm me up. (By the way, I'd managed to clean up and drag the smaller mini-fridge into my room!) So, I went and toasted some raisin bread while trying to mend the shirt I'd been wearing. Unfortunately, I cannot thread a needle without an unfrayed thread, nor can I find my scissors: The kitchen scissors I have will not cut thread (or anything, for that matter), and rubbing the thread against the blades about thirty times in a row only results in damaging the thread.
` According to a fellow tenant's coffeemaker I'd spent about an hour trying to thread the damn needle, so I gave up and went back to my room.
` It was much colder than the kitchen, instead of the other way around as it usually is. Still unable to heat my room, I set up my cot in the kitchen at around three in the morning and managed to get to sleep. Three hours later, I awoke to see Mark dimly go past, though I don't think he saw me.
` At about eight, after Ed (and his son Chris) arose, he allowed me to call my cell phone. I heard not one ring emerge from my apartment. So, I called Phil's phone - which was dead - and left a message. For good measure, I also left messages with both his mom and my mom about my predicament, telling them to call Phil and tell him (as he checks his voicemail even more rarely than I do).
` I can only hope I'd left my phone at Phil's apartment, even though I distinctly remember turning my phone upside-down, sticking it in my left coat pocket and zipping it up while I was there.
` Where it's gone, I don't know. It's a mystery for now, at least. Thankfully, my heater's apparent imbalance is not one anymore - Ed also told me that if you so much as put your hand in front of the heating vent, it shuts off. Sometimes, it shuts off more or less spontaneously and you have to turn it off for ten whole minutes before restarting it.
` So, at least one important enigma has been solved! Now I know what to do if that ever happens again - boy was I ever cold!
` ...As for my phone, I can only hope that I haven't lost one for the first time. I'd have to buy another and I really can't afford to!


Amber said...

Maybe someone there stole it while you were in the shower? That place sounds like a load of crap. I have an extra phone that I could send you if you could get service, who do you use? It's not the best phone, but I used it when I had Sprint, it's still working. I hope that you find yours though.

Galtron said...

If I were you, I would stay home and make sure the computer isn't next!

Anonymous said...

Well, consider the absence of your phone a sign that you need to MOVE BACK TO OHIO so you can talk to your friend Dawn in person!!!!!

Wed-nes-day said...

Already sent you an email saying I would call your cell number when I read that you'd already tried that.
You don't have a hole in your pocket, do you? And, did you check your vehicle. My cell is notorious for falling out of my jacket pocket after I sit down, which is why I always stick it in my RIGHT pocket. Check to see if it's under your car.......Hope you find it. Miss you.

EdgeWalker said...

No wonder you didn't answer when I called you to tell you I had money for you.

Laura said...

Sounds like your troubles aren't over. You need some slack; a break of some sort. Like Amber, I too have an extra Samsung phone that is all yours if you want it!

S E E Quine said...

` Hey, guys! Nice to see you're all here for me!

` So... Amber and Chicken... you'll give me your old phones? Thanks!!! I'd like that! If you e-mail me ( I'll e-mail you back with my new address.
` When I get a chance.
` My service is Sprint. The phone doesn't seem to be in anyone's car or anything, so I have no idea where I could have lost it - it couldn't have slipped out of my pocket because I keep that zipped up.
` ...Unless I lost it at Fred Meyer where I abruptly bought a Dirt Devil Scorpion because I couldn't stand all the paint flakes and stuff on the floor.

Amber said...

That sucks, I'll email you after I check with my boyfriend about how you get it switched over to you. I hope things are getting better?

Wed-nes-day said...

Hey, brat,
If you do take Amber up on her offer, you'd better hang that S.O.B around your neck. I'm betting you didn't lose the other one......
And, did you call Sprint and have it cancelled?


Amber said...

Yeah, I have a feeling you have a thief in your midst. Perhaps a spy wanting to get all your Mad Science contacts?

Anonymous said...
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