Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Old Sketches: A Year of Little Inspiration

` Note: These sketches start here.

` In anticipation that the traffic will pick up on this blog, I'll continue my sketchbook story for all to see:

` After that almost-exciting (and
very non-relaxing) trip to Vegas, my drive to put pencil to sketchbook suffered horribly. Until October of the next year, there were only three points of inspiration:

` On 28 July 1999, we Ohioans had a bit of a windstorm: The front of the house where my childhood playmates had once lived had had a bit of a run-in with the tree out front.
` (It's easier to view once you've clicked on it....)

` One can tell how bored I'd become with drawing, however, as evidenced by my very next sketch: It wasn't for an entire month later until I went to West Virginia and attempted to draw the view from my Aunt Joyce's front bay window.
` It's supposed to be my Uncle Dusty's house and the farm, though I quickly became bored and let my whims determine the rest of the picture. (Notice the Canada goose from the airplane window sketch.)

` In fact, this lack of enthusiasm was so pronounced that between my very next drawings, one can see the span of time from page to page - they're dated almost a year apart!

` On the 8 November, 1999 page, I had attempted a kind of 'perception of another universe', which had my brain swimming in spatial axes that didn't exist. Not able to draw what I was thinking of, I put down my sketchbook until 8 October, 2000!
` It was apparently after my first stay at Phil's dorm, which was nice because I hadn't seen him for some time.

` This was when I was trying to distract myself from the fact that my dad had stolen every personal work I possessed - though curiously, he had forgotten my sketchbook. I watched a lot of television, starting with Duckman. Why, I don't know. It was a screwy show.
` As usual, I tried to get into whatever I saw on TV by drawing it, though this was the first time I'd ever used my sketchbook for this purpose, plus I had never before drawn cartoon characters from the screen.
` This was soon to become a habit, actually....

` First, though, want to know something weird? I'd actually known about Duckman for years because my dad had allowed me to watch it with him when I was only twelve years old! The thing is, in the year before that, he screamed at me if I tried to watch kids' shows like Salute Your Shorts, and he also didn't like children's cartoons like Rugrats.
` I'm serious!
Gosh, what's so bad about Rugrats? (Besides the fact that they used the same crappy artwork as in Duckman?)

` I guess the reason for Jerry's attitudes is that anything's okay with him if it's his idea...

` Meh, sorry for ranting. Weird, though, huh? Well, I'd better go. I'll have more sketches up when I get back to Rainhomish County, fix my computer, and get it on the internet.
` Oh, and before I forget: My friend Rhonda bought me a 'crummy little' digital camera for the sole purpose of taking pictures of things and posting them on the web. Expect some so-so photographs in the future!


Laura said...

Your sketches are wonderful!! My stick men have three legs... or is that third one more of a fantasy, hmmm. Anyway, I think you are an excellent artiste.

S E E Quine said...

` Thanks! I'm glad you like. I was seventeen and eighteen when I did those: Back then, I didn't think that anyone would ever appreciate any of my artwork!
` ...Of course, I can certainly understand if all you are capable of drawing is stick figures and such.

` Which reminds me... you might find a short series called The Comic of Little Effort by Danny Willingham to be inspirational, amusing, or at least depressing.

cassie d said...

AND BYW.....

i now know what your finger tip looks like!

You can't hide it forever!!!



cassie d said...


is that spock i see in your "year later" sketch?

cassie d said...

what the heck is byw???

it means i'm retarded and can't spell BTW!!!

Laura said...

Those were awesome Quine. I liked school kids... funny!

And... just because I can't draw stick people anatomically correct doesn't mean that I don't have an eye for art. I liked your drawings... all of them; you are very talented.

S E E Quine said...

` Traitor finger tip! Well, I'm glad you like my crusty, dusty artwork. (And yes, that's supposed to be cute li'l Spock.)
` Assuming my hard drive is okay, I'll probably be able to upload more before the end of this month.

` And Laura, good to know that you've seen the light of Daniel B. Willingham (a.k.a. Stinkywigfiddle) and his insane comics full of death, destruction, depression, decay, graphic violence and gratuitous frontal nudity.
` He must have had a life like mine! ...Though, I prefer to draw comics about causing mayhem - if clumsily - rather than being the bitter victim of it.
` In both cases, though, calamity symbolizes reality.

Galtron said...

...You mean, your mad scientist character represents getting one's self together rather than being torn apart by the world?

I weep for Stinkywigfiddle.

S E E Quine said...

` Indeed... poor Stikywigfiddle.