Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My first Zebra Girl Fan Comic!

` Lookee! I drawed this fan fiction/fan art for Joe England!!! Pretty soon, like all fan art, it'll be in the 'fan work' section of the Zebra Girl website!!! Imagine that! My artwork on someone else's website for once!
` I didn't originally intend this, but the protagonist is indeed my 'Cassie Nova' character, redrawn to look more like a true Zebraverse inhabitant. Somehow, I think she looks more dorky, but oh well... This comic takes place during one of Jack the Plaid's weekend magic shows with Wally - which starts here - although this is after his hair changes, which happens in this comic.
` Other than that, it's more or less completely noncanon. You may have to clicky, though:

` You know, there is more to sending fan art to a comic writer than just drawing. First of all, in preparation, I decided to kiss up to Joe. Why? Because I haven't been a very rabid fan despite my promises to someday draw fan art of some kind or another.

` Well, okay, and he was sick. He said so himself:

Hey guys. Listen, I'm feeling a little under the weather. Got a cold or... something. Anyway, petty as it may sound, I'm not quite up to doing a comic right now. It's a really big one, and as you know, those demand my best. Or they TEAR ME APART.
So I don't know when I'll manage. Soon, I hope. But I'll be frank, there's a good chance I might just have to skip over this update and get back to you next weekend. Sorry. But on the upside (inadequate consolation though it may be), I finished finals this week and am now officially on break, so college won't be hindering my time-table much for a few months. On the downside, I'll need to get a job. That might make up for it. So I guess the sides balance out to just slightly negative, same as always. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up....
...Really, I should quit my bitching. Thanksgiving's come and gone, and I have a lot to be thankful for. A fine webcomic, a fine audience, and... I'm reasonably handsome, I suppose. Yeah, I can be thankful for that... and... well, there are plenty of people who are worse off than me... I'm thankful I'm not them... um... loving family, that's always good... I'm probably forgetting something, I'll think of it later and... well, I'm just generally thankful. And I hope you were thankful for me, 'cause man, me and my comic are the best you'll ever get. I was gonna roll out the new fan art, but this news post took a lot out of me.
Maybe later. Have to be at my best to present fan art, you know. Or it TEARS ME APART.

` So I wrote to him:

` Hey Joey Joe! ^^

` I just noticed your last news post and you were all like, you know, sniffling-sneezing and all that. I was like... "No wonder he hasn't been updating! Well! I'll fix him!"
` So I brought you this picture of a delicious bowl of chicken soup. ...In case you still need it.

[There was a picture of chicken soup with lots of yummy herbs and spices which I found somewhere on the internet.]

` Sorry, I've been eating some... hmm hmm hmmm. Wait a minute! I'm a vegetarian! Ah, but pictures are vegetarian! So there!
` Though, I don't have any *pictures* for you yet - I might soon. Actually, if you want to see some creepy art I did, check this out - and scroll to the bottom - it's really disturbing! That's MY comic book character!

` I was thinking of doing a comic with her in Sandra's world, actually, and perhaps some more direct fan art! I'm still a beginner with pen, but now that I have a tentative and unreliable way of publishing my artwork on the web, you may get some stuff from me, finally! But probably not soon - I'll be completely gone from home most of this month and part of the next.
` Better to do these things when I'm around to do them. OR THEY'LL TEAR ME APART!!!

` Get well soon!

```` Or ELSE!!!

` S E E Quine a.k.a Skippy the Neandert(h)al

` P.S. The picture of the soup actually has a picture of cyanide in it. Don't touch it. Mheh hehe heh.

` In fact, he even mentioned it in his next announcement... Apparently, I've been just as rabid as everyone else!

...And by the way you guys, thanks for all the well-wishings and virtual chicken soup. I'm feeling much better-ish now. You people, you're my spiritual leeches, sucking the sickness right out of my blood. You're good folks, alla you.


` I've been called spiritual leech, by Joe England! What an honor!! And, thankfully it's especially justified because I completed what I'd sent out to do much more quickly than I had expected...

` Joe!!!

` I actually e-mailed you, in case you even care, to tell you how excited I am about my ZG fan comic effort, as there's nobody who cares over here! I know, it's sad. I'm soooooo looonely over here on this side of the internet.
` I'm going to have to make more friends, really, but I figured you might not mind the heads-up.

` Seriously, I have just pencilled the most bizarre comic strip ever!! It looks like... well, almost like your work, actually, though kinda rough around the edges, and... that's all I can tell ya for now. I wanted to say I'm about to ink it, and I'll get it digitally photographed as soon as I can and send it to you!!!

` Chickens and duckies and bunnies and fish,
``````````` S E E Quine

` And he wrote back:

Spoony, I can't wait to see what you've got. Believe me, few things excite me quite like fan art. Those people who don't care? Man, they're nuts.
I care up the wazoo, and I have a very selective wazoo.
Trust me, any and all fan work is more than welcome, and I thank you for it.
Can't wait.

-Joe "Crushed" England

` And so... I finally got my chance after much trouble:

` Okay... I went next door and scanned it in two pieces... didn't go through the e-mail, so I grabbed the camera myself and took a picture. Well, I didn't have good enough light, so I set up some lamps. But then, the camera stopped working!! Only after I figured out that it was because the doory-thingy wasn't all the way shut, one of my lights burned out, so I had to do without... and then...

` I didn't think I was going to make it!! *Pant!* But, after much toil just getting the damned thing up, HERE IT IS!!! (You can just download/upload it from there, I guess.) Albeit, it is uneven-looking... though, at least it is only in one piece....

Zebrafied for your convenience, not only is this a non-canon ZG crossover, but it's my new character's first 'official' comic. (She doesn't yet have a universe...) I figured, 'What could be more fun than making a comic about someone who stalks Jack? What will she find? Will she be banished to a hoary netherworld? Hee. This should be good.'
` Unfortunately, I have no idea what might happen in the next page...

` By the way, what do you think her
real name should be? I don't yet have one.

` Chickens and duckies,

```````` S E E Quine

` At this time, however, I saw that Joe had written this in the forum:

...Weirdchylde, go ahead and tell them what I told you, if you want. Or let the mystery thrive. I don't know. I don't care. I'm tired, I need to get some sleep.


May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. Or demons. Whatever floats your boat.

` I was all snickering, just the same, and I posted the URL:

` There'll probably be more from where that came from. Heehee. Wait'll Joe sees this... too bad he went to bed.


...and Skippy, your fancomic is fairly good, I must say. Interesting concept...


` Meh he h haaaaaa. Thanks weirdchylde. 'S my first thing with different-sized line pens, even though I suck with pen!!!

` Now... I just have to come up with some more to go after it.

` If you give a mouse a cookie... or better, fruit and cake... um, nevermind.

` So... what will be next for Umbra Girl? Even more importantly, why did I post all of that pointless stuff on my blog? I don't know. Lack of more interesting things. I guess it's my 'researching instinct' if there is such a thing. Actually, there is, because I instilled it myself. Needs some work, though...
` Well, I'll tell you when I have the next one up, if anyone's interested.

` In other sketchbook news, I spent about two hours today photographing all of the pages from my pencil sketchbooks. Trying to re-take the last one, however, revealed that the camera had finally run out of battery. I was like; 'Oh well, I can deal with that.'
` I popped the cartridge into the USB thing, and to my horror, saw that all of the pictures were overexposed, the paper little more than a washed-out white with some occasional dark areas.

` I'm kinda bummed, though I'm grateful that EdgeWalker found the battery charger last night for me. I'd charge the battery right now and photograph it all over again, but I don't know what this mysterious battery looks like or if it's even inside or outside the camera, so I'm going to have to wait until EdgeWalker gets home from his hard day's slog after 19:00 tonight to ask him...

` Garrrrr.

` ****************************UPDATE:

Hey, great comic... I'm looking forward to seeing more! I guess... that's all I need to say about it. Keep up the good work!

-Joe "King of" England

` Sigh... he's so dreamy. *Giggle.*

` ********LESSER UPDATE:

` Wireball:

I like that Umbra Girl fancomic, Skippy Neandert(h)al. It's a neat concept, and seems to tie into the current storyline pretty well so far (quick! kill off one of the main characters!)
(This randomness brought to you by too little food)

` I likee randomness.


SOB said...

I cant believe I read all that. I'm to tired to even right anything witty.

S E E Quine said...

` Heh heh. I tend to do that to my readers... Sorry. Won't happen again any time soon.

` I hope...

Aaron said...

Yes sob, the posts on this blog tend to be very detailed. This one is relatively short.

cassie d said...

Looks great, Quine!

it's really awesome that the writer of your fav comic likes your stuff!!!

Keep us posted with new dittle and dawttles! I can't wait for more developments on Cassie Nova!

S E E Quine said...

` Thanks ^^ Me neither.

` BTW, I just photographed all of my pencil sketches in my other sketchbooks.
` I will probably have at least one for every subsequent post for a very long time, which is good for this reason: A picture speaks a thousand words.
` Need I say more?

Galtron said...

Ah, simplicity!

Hey, I like your comic. It really does look Zebra-ish! I can't wait to see if she is on her way to her doom or gains superpowers or... or?