Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Red Sketchbook

` Yep. It's a sketchbook. It's red. I bought it while I was waiting for EdgeWalker to complete his driver's test. Later on, I took a Pilot G-2 and started to draw myself on the cover wearing a shirt with my own monogram. And dammit, it took a really long time to fill in all that black!
` I was going to type 'Under Construction' over this image, because it is and I thought it would be amusing, but for some reason I didn't after all.

` I should note here that this is actually the first time I ever remember seriously drawing anything with a pen!

` In fact, EdgeWalker is the one who photographed these drawings for me - despite the fact that he still has not replaced his stolen flash. I had actually gone to the library on Monday - like I said I would! - in order to use their scanners, which it turned out they didn't have.
` However, EdgeWalker happened to have missed a going to work that day for the first time, so he gladly photographed, adjusted, and did other things to each page of my sketchbook. On top of that, he put them all on a CD and made an awesome label composed of parts of my cover art.

` What a guy! Can't wait to add more onto the disk...
` Only one thing about the pages, however... I completely forgot about putting a backing behind each one so that you can't see the page behind it. As a result, you may notice blue areas in some of these images. Well, hey, I don't like to bother with Photoshopping things if I can help it.

` Now then, here's the first page, as well as the very first pen drawing I remember doing on paper:

` It represents the many attacks that our enormous cat, Butters, has waged on EdgeWalker- yes, that's him! You see, he is constantly having to endure this perpetually meowing, licking, biting, shedding and scratching feline terror, which is sometimes of great annoyance to him. In fact, earlier on today, he dumped her here in my room, saying; "Let's go see your favorite Spoony!"
` Or at least, he would have, had that been my real name.

` Basically, he treats her like a small, very vocal child, picking her up and playing with her - and brushing her fur - until she becomes so worked up and aggressive that he has to shut her in another room or something. Despite this, he is definitely her favorite human.

` I also want to say, I'm not entirely happy with the lettering, plus I just noticed I could have made the tall and pointy 'o' in 'Bipolar' into the pupil of a cat's eye-design (instead of drawing the ill-fitting little one I had done) and it would have worked
just perfectly!
` Well, perhaps I'll do another sometime. After all, I'm very much a beginner at this.

` Moving on already, my next drawing of Butters illustrates the two sides of her personality; asleep and neurotic.

` Personally, it's one of my favorite sketches of the whole book. But I almost like this other one of her better:
` Butters as one of the little sphynxes from the movie

` It's quite apt, too; When she's not attacking EdgeWalker, she's standing by her food dish meowing incessently, and sometimes she won't even stop when you pay attention to her! Butters does this so much that we're worried she thinks the only reason she gets fed is because she whines so much!
` Gar.

` Now, as for the other entity I live with - that would be Phil - I've done many pencil sketches that portray him quite accurately.
` However, this is my first relatively successful
pen sketch of him:

` He says he prefers another one I did rather than this one, because he claims this drawing makes him look like a bloated corpse. Well, too bad, I don't agree. Even so, I think he makes a quite handsome zombie.

` I also have a couple more of EdgeWalker from the same page:

` I think they tended to work out better because I was sitting across from him at the cafe we were at, rather than next to him. In each case, however, I couldn't see his ear from that angle, so I messed that up both times.

` Even so, they really do a lot look like him, albeit with a scribbly ear and a few delinquent lines. Notice, off to the right-hand-side is at least a proper drawing of his other ear!
` In fact, I have an even better drawing of him, but that'll be in my next post.

` Until then, feel free to leave as many comments as you like.


Amber said...

You're quite good at drawing. I like the kitty pictures a lot. I don't think that's really a bloated corpse picture either.

cassie d said...

i agree.
very good pen drawings! it's nice to get an idea of these people you've been talking about on your blog.

and i like the sphinx one, too!

S E E Quine said...

` Thanks! Edgy doesn't think it's a bloated corpse himself. And I thought you'd like the sphinx one - at least since I know you're one of the few who actually knows what I'm talking about.

Dory said...

Oh, Sa-Rah,;)
You ARE talented. I'd like to see more portrait sketches by you.
Just a suggestion, but I think you should persue more avenues in the portrait industry.
I'd bet bucks, you could run an ad and make some $ post haste.

Galtron said...

Yeah... that's my thought, too. How come you don't sell these things? You could make all kindsa stuff and people would pay so much for them because they're so cool!!!!


S E E Quine said...

` Yes, I've been thinking about that. And each time I do, my eyes go: $$!

Aaron said...

I like your drawings too Spoony. They're mostly pretty dark, but there are some pleasant ones.