Monday, November 21, 2005

Completely Random Stuff I'm Giggling About

` For the past coupla days, the area has been engulfed in one huge cloud... sometimes, I can't even see past two blocks away. It has forced me to go crazy and actually look to what I have inside the apartment to keep me company.
` Mrrrraaarrrrrrr. *lick, lick, lick...*
` Besides Butters.
` For example, I have quite a few pictures on my computer. Here's what appears to be an actual newspaper clipping...

` Speaking of newspaper ads, Phil had been looking through some really scary $#!t in The Evergreen Weekly when he broke down laughing and pointed to an ad with a picture of this very scary-looking woman with a flower behind her ear gazing off into space with an evil-yet-vague look in her eyes. It says: 'Joooooiiiiiiinnnnn uuuussss!' No, no, really:

Mystery School - A 4-year Mystery School Without Walls.
Beginning each February, the Lynn Andrews School for Sacred Arts and Training presents a truly unique and magical course of study. Its design allows you to fully understand and deepen your experience of the wonder and magic contained within the ancient teachings of the Sisterhood of the Shields. Students enter the circle of teaching for a myriad of reasons, and all are welcome....
` Yes, all with large enough savings accounts are welcome to jooooiiiiiinnnnn Lynn Andrews on a Hawaiian Retreat. Phil also found an ad for the Society of Novus Spiritus Gnostic Christian Church, and started laughing; "Past Life Regressions!? Wha ha ha haaaaa!" Yes, well, a closer look reveals that Sylvia Browne is the founder of the church.
` Yes, she's the sham spiritual guru who's been flattering Larry King, saying she can see angels around him, pretending to talk to dead people, etc. Yes, well... I seem to remember that magician James Randi had some kind of deal with her to test her 'psychic abilities'...
On September 3, 2001, Sylvia Browne agreed on the protocol for a definitive test for the JREF million-dollar challenge, on Larry King Live.... It has been 240 weeks since she first agreed to take the test on March 6, 2001!
` Actually, she's already failed one of Randi's televised tests in 1989, and quite abysmally at that. She had talked with many of the studio audience members, one of whom she'd learned was German. And so, as an excuse for her failure, she claimed that all 140 people were German and didn't speak English!
` It goes on and on... just like all the other fraudster magicians, Browne cannot do anything that the Amazing Randi cannot do, and it's been pretty blatant since the beginning. Really, Sylvia! All you have to do is use your psychic powers to show Randi who's boss, and he'll give you a million dollars, not that you need it! That's all he asks of you. Seriously!
` Sigh... so far, this has been Sylvia's response. No exaggeration.

` Anyway, I think that 'psychics', New Age-ism and 'magic' need to stay in the fantasy realm.
` Before I pee my pants laughing.

` Speaking of which, in the Zebra Girl Forum, I noticed a few days ago that my fellow Zebriac DarkLite () had made a |_337 representation of the Gandalf-type scene in ZebraGirl:

*Player "[PLAID]J4c|<" has re-connected.*

DuV4s3: Lol You get Ascenshun!!!1

[PLAID]J4c|<: STFU u kilt my frends!!1+shift

DuV4s3: LOLOLOLOL i am teh Ub3R L33tzorz j00 caanot kil me lol

[PLAID]J4c|<: STFU j00 firewal s offzorz!!!!!! GO UBRHAXZ.exe!!!!!!11

*Player "[PLAID]J4c|<" has sent Player "DuV4s3" a file.*

DuV4s3: No Axept1!!!1

*File accepted. Begin download.*



*Download complete."


*Player "DuV4s3" has been banned.*

[PLAID]J4c|<: Pwnt, b17ch.



71+3 u 1337 (Y)45+4h!!!


You know you like it really, you dirty bitch.

*does the 'come hither' motion*

` Heee hee hee eheeee haaaa..... gnk. Okay, I'm done... whew... If you don't know what that was all about, you'd recognize it if you read through the archives. Don't let us Forum Freaks scare you - it's a surprisingly worthwhile way to spend your spare time, assuming you can download web pages faster than the speed of smell.
` Even so, when my bandwidth is constrained by the hundred other people who use the same connection, I always do something else when I'm waiting for something to come up on the screen.
Such as creating vacuous blog entries.
` Ha ha... that cute li'l werewolf! "Man, you guys're fun! You must go on all sorts of adventures. Can I stay with you, really?" "...You're getting an apartment."

` But he's such a cute puppy!

` Anyway, I'd better go. I have more important things to do, such as ensure my videos fit on a DVD. Shh! It's my mommy's Christmas present!


Aaron said...

What about the amazing johnathan? He's pretty cool

S E E Quine said...

` That guy IS amazing!! And his name is Johnathan! Or Jonathan. Whatever his name is, he lives up to it.
` My favorite is the trick where he drops a bowling ball and then retrieves it, except he actually picks up a black balloon, and then he drops it on the audience!

cassie d said...

i like him, too.

I also USED to like Penn and Teller - until i saw this ridiculous trick they did on TV by making a submarine disappear.

I think they should stick to ranting about random stuff.

But did you know that Penn has a crazy sex house? Pretty kinky for such a large dude.

Galtron said...

OOOOOHHHHHH! SEX HOUSE!!!!!!!! I want one!!!!

S E E Quine said...

` Mmmmm. What's dumb about making a submarine look like it's gone?