Sunday, October 09, 2005

Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning

` Something else has recently caught my eye in the Zebra Girl forum - a Star Trek vs. Babylon 5 parody full of insanity by the name of Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning.

Briareos: By teh(sic!) way: has anybody seen this? I gotta say - thank $DEITY for English subtitles, unless you happen to speak Finnish... (Oh, and I think that the movie's great, too...)

Hmm... Why does that look familiar. Oh, yeah. It's the DVD, which I've watched every single time I'm home on leave.
Absolutely great. Too bad some of the jokes are quite finnish, so outsiders don't get so much out of them. Like Mihail Garybrandy, aka Mihail Karigrandi in finnish (Kari Grandi, "The hero of all the thirsty ones. A legend of our time" (or something like that) a juice icon, like the Cool Aid man)

Kari Grandi, drinking some Grandi Juice.
By the way, if you'd like to see some "making of" material, that didn't end up on the DVD, check out these "Inside out" clips that the guys made during the filming. They have english texts.

` You know what I have to say? Pirking Awesome!!!! It was... well... so good I wish I could understand Finnish! (Hey, I wonder if the acting is also decent?)
` If you click on the
title of this post, you'll go to the Star Wreck website, which is kind of redundant, because you can also click here. Or here! Or even here!
` In fact, you can download this movie for
free! (You can also download BitTorrent to help you out with these things.) If you'd rather not, you can always view the trailer, and say; "Whatever," while rolling your eyes in a disdaining manner.
` I admit, the sets mostly weren't that impressive, but damn... the special effects were even better than most of Star Trek and Babylon 5! They've obviously put a lot of work into this!!

` Oh, and as for MrBigMr - remember, he's watched this movie a lot:

It's a pity they haven't translated some of the texts. The posters at the Babel station are fun "Strongest Link" (featuring Sherrypie) and "Pirating is a sin". Also when Garybrandy shows the flight recorder video to Sherrypie, the clip, which Garybrandy quicly switches off, had the text "Security camera 17: Ivanovitsas's cabin" on it. There's also a framed picture of Sherrypie in Ivanovitsa's cabin. Also the Excavator's different systems are pretty funny. It has an AMISbios (by Welder Technologies Ltd.) There's some minor bugs in the film. When Pirk and the crew storm the nuclear research facility, the bullet holes from the door disappear when Dwarf "touches them". Also the (second) magazine Pirk shows them is made from a finnish science magazine Tiede (Sciense) When Dwarf looks at the magazine, it's the original Tiede magazine, but when it's shown on the table, the text is editet and the title is Tiedä (Know, like know you'reself). Did you know that Fukov and Festerbester are acted by the same guy.


` Yeh, cuz Chekov and Bester were played by the same guy. Anyway, it's a Fukoving awesome, insane and funny movie, if somewhat depressing. (What? You expect comedic insanity and corruptedness to go well when trying to defend or take over the galaxy?)
` So, if you're a sci-fan, I recommend watching this one! You should have seen the look on Phil's face when he saw all the P-Fleet ships coming out of the Babel 13 hopgate! He was all like, you know... er... like, nerdgasming and stuff.

` Anyway, as I had said last time:
` Be back with some sciencey or skepticy-type stuff next time, as long as nothing else even mildly interesting happens before then.
` Well... I'd say this is 'mildly interesting.' That is the only reason for this post. I have no other excuse. I'm going to bed now.

` Night night.


Johnny Jazz said...

D/Ld it, it's wonderfully irreverant. These guys should direct the next proper ST movie, if there is one.

Aaron said...

I have a good spoof of COPS with star wars stormtroopers. It's called TROOPS.

I listened to your audio clip. My guess is Sanjeet Edwina Eppenhoffer. I bet your friends call you Ed.

Aaron said...

Would you mind if I linked to your blog from mine?

cassie d said...

BETTER than Star Trek?


i will agree about Babylon 5 - yikes!

That was hilarious!

Galtron said...

I bet her name is Supposedly Evil Entity, which she speaks about in her sleep.


Aaron said...

I read your comment on Locomocos. I could code in a links field for you if you'd like. You don't even need to give me access to your blog. I could send the code and instructions to you in an email.

S E E Quine said...

` Hey, thanks, A-ron!
` Also... Galtron... stop hovering outside of my 5th story bedroom window! You are not a hummingbird!

Galtron said...

Who are you to say that I am not a hummingbird? I just hate it when people go on, imposing roles on me...