Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ugh... for some food and sleep.

` I've had a fairly boring and uneventful past few days.... that seems like a perfectly logical thing to write about.

` Saturday, I stayed home all day while Phil and Matt went to Seattle because I suddenly felt very depressed from this bad personal problem that's been eating me alive for almost a year. I did my best to distact myself by writing Clockwork Chicken as well as trying to catch up on my sleep.
` Sunday, I stayed home while Matt, EdgeWalker, Phil, and a couple of his friends went hiking on some mountain somewhere. (I've barely ever been hiking myself, and a large part of the reason is because I'm somewhat crippled and fall down a lot.) They didn't get back until late, which wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't had to sleep a lot and if the internet hadn't been out most of the day.
` Monday morning (yes, I got up in the morning!), I went to the Co-Op, but they didn't need me to volunteer. So I finally tried to really work on 'CM' for the first time in... well... a month or so before I tried to wrote that Waldo thing in truth, sometime in May.
` I kept getting interrupted by phone calls, though they weren't at all unpleasant. Then Matt came back from his walk with a bunch of X-Box games. Bad news for me, you see, because my computer's in the living room, and so's the TV and everything that goes with it. Luckily, it was time for a therapist session, so I managed to forget about this for a while.
` I came back and had to spend the rest of the day out of the living room because video games prevent me from thinking, almost as bad as mildewy, ill-fitting clothing (though at least my nose doesn't run).

` I was going to eat some leftovers (because my hunger is actually keeping me up), but they're gone.

` I'm seriously hungry, as I haven't had much to eat today. What...

` Ding! Not everyone's asleep!

` EdgeWalker just said he'll go on another wee-hour walk with me tonight (this morning?). It's that kind of thing that makes me feel special and more involved in life. (That's not difficult to acheive, though....)
` Maybe we'll walk to the QFC store and I can buy some kind of food... or perhaps I can settle for humble breakfast cereal? Do we even have breakfast cereal?

` No!?

` I'm getting hungrier. Maybe I'll drive - oh that's right, my car's blocked in and I don't know how to drive Phil's...

` Edgy!!!

` An hour later...
` Hooray!! Now we're back from our walk to QFC! I got some Cinnamon Life Cereal for only $1.50 instead of the horrendously expensive everyday price of $4.67! EdgeWalker got some soy milk (I have to use Rice Milk because I'm allergic to soy) and some ginger for chai.
` Now hunger won't keep me up - considering I've been awake since 8 this morning! Off to bed!

` Moral: Do whatever you can to make yourself feel better - stewing in your own foaming, gastric juices isn't going to help.


turkishchic. said...

i got a new user friendly blog page. after today the zoomshare one will be deleted.
you can see me at

S E E Quine said...

Neat! I'm assuming that's working out for you better.
I'd leave comments, but I have to create an account. I'm not sure if I want to clog their works with my measely name...

turkishchic said...

not a prob. it's ok. u don't have to if u don't want to.

S E E Quine said...

` In case anyone was wondering, I caved in finally and did it anyway.
` Also, she told me over the phone that she liked this entry because I decided to stop moping around and DO something.
` Thanks, tc! That somehow makes things shinier. ^-^