Monday, August 29, 2005

The cleanest water I've ever swam in!

` What a day! It was the first time I've ever seen the now 1 1/2-month-old Cosey Mo! Apparently, Andie and Jason are finally out of hiding from the government testing facilities. (Kidding!) In fact, they even took her, Jason's dog Lucy and me to this really cool beach!

` For the first time in a while I actually exposed my shoulders to the sunlight: Incidentally, I discovered that I still have the same sunburn from 1 1/6 years ago! I didn't know it was humanly possible to retain skin damage for that long.
` Anyway, at this beach, there were really high cliffs with tall, curvy pine trees on them, several neat waterfalls, a scary fish ladder you can look down into, and a fun roller-coaster ride provided by water flowing strongly over some large rocks.

` Jason and I mostly clambered around the sun-dappled rocks, though at one point we decided to dive headfirst off of this gigantic boulder... and immediately do the ''I'm freezing" dance. Andie was by far the most inclined to swim, however, and she made the most trips over the roller-coaster rock ride. It was so neat that even Lucy made an attempt to ride it!

` Though it was mostly sunny, a little bit of nearby rain managed to blow over to us. That didn't matter, though, because we were already sopping wet. Well, except for Cosey, because she spent most of the time nearby in the shade under her carseat awning.

` At one point, though, Jason waded into the river while carrying her. I took a couple of pictures of this with the camera I'm lending them just before Jason looked down and noticed that his car keys had somehow gotten into the water in front of him!
` However, as he was holding Cosey Mo at the time, he couldn't quite reach down and grab them. As I had just changed into my clothing, I elected to wade out in my perfectly dry underwear and get them, a spectacle that Andie photographed.
` I didn't unexpectedly fall over or anything, but even if I had, I think I would have just swam around anyway, I was almost reluctant to leave!

` I can say that today's trip involved the most fun I've had while doing a physical activity that I can remember! My only regret is that I didn't learn of this place earlier - it's almost autumn!

` I'm really exhausted from swimming right now, but I still can't seem to fall asleep. However, Phil has also had a particularly exhausting day for entirely different reasons...
` At the moment, he's very slap-happy from working thirteen hours - amazingly, he's actually drinking a little bit! Poor Philly. He wasn't able to get home until after ten!
` But at least he seems to be having fun right now - he and EdgeWalker were just laughing very insanely about something. Ah, beer. It makes even Mr. EdgeWalker laugh out loud!


Galtron said...

Man, that sounds like fun! I've heard of the place...

S E E Quine said...

Do you live around here or something? Do I know you?