Monday, July 18, 2005

Yay! Happy Reviews!

` My friends at the Medina County Writers' Club are evidently still reading my weblog and are giving me encouragements via e-mail.
` Dory, the president, says:

` Your new blog: It's beautiful! So-o-o sophisticated.....Loved the comments about your first novel when you were 4. <> ...

` ... Love the new look on your blog. Design it yourself or????

` I
wish... Also:

George and I talk about it (your blog). Around December, Dory and I stopped meeting re my novel, before the regular meetings. So he and I have been doing breakfast. Your blog is often a source of discussion.

It's intelligent, funny, wry, sarcastic, insightful and informative, all delivered in a "talky" easy-to-read style. Not Bad!!! You have great talent. Never let anyone tell you otherwise!


` And about my dinosaurs-breathing-like-birds post, Chris (of the Cookie Chix Gourmet Cookie Company) had this to say:

"Way cool!"

` Evidently she was in a rush. Baking delicious cookies or something else of great importance.

` Oh, hey, George just wrote something - but that's only because I asked him this:
Do you like my blog more than you like a swarm of angry bees?
Or perhaps a train wreck? Or your
Do you like it better than Jupiter?

` I am so shameless. Anyway, he writes:

Gee. I don't know. Jupiter is a lot gassier than your blog. Gives
off more heat, too.
And a train wreck has more sheer mass of steel flying through the air.
Allergies? They've been with me a long time, so I guess we're like
life-long buddies.
A swarm of bees? I've only seen bees swarm a couple of times in my
life. There is something indescribably neat about watching insects do
combat air patrol.
It's hard to compare a blog to any of those.
I really enjoy your blog, though. It's neat to read the things you
put on there, just because it's neat to see someone with such wide
Ever think of being a writer? Well, I for one am glad that you did.
I enjoy your work, and I enjoy your blog.
` Ah, I'm as giddy as a vulture who's just spotted a brutal elephant culling! Thank you all so much for that input/beautiful ego boost. *Sniff.* And I know it's true because you do it from the position of experienced writers, literary critics and editors.

` Can't wait for commentary about 'Waldo the Wise', though. That promises to be...
interesting, since Waldo is such a... well, interesting character.


Louie B. said...

Well...good for you! I hope to be a writer to someday. Hopefully writing for The Simpsons or something like that. Joey's always telling me that I should be a comedian/writer like Larry David, but I'm not really good with crowds. I'm too nervous of what will happen.

S E E Quine said...

Wow!! I wish you luck!!
You know, I wonder if writing something really amazing for a blog counts as experience or part of a portfolio?
*knock knock!*
"Who's there?"

Louie B. said...

Well...They do talk about blogs every once in a while on CNN...