Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Shipment of Pictures!

` My specialty, of course, is writing about science, though my brain and other things have been preventing me from doing so for several days (my remaining science post draft has been on hold since the 17th!).
` Instead, I will continue with my more banal things... I have just uploaded a bunch of pictures into my ImageShack account - all of which were taken with EdgeWalker's camera - and thought I'd share them here.
` Really, it's about time I used that thing instead of Blogger Images: SEO Blog's image and link software wasn't compatible with my browser, so the best I could do was type the URL of the image and tell the reader to cut and paste it into their URL bar to go to it! Truly pathetic.
` This photo of me (earlier today) is from the alley near Pack Man, where I got my car title application notarized. As soon as I mail it back to Ohio, I can get a copy of the title for my very own car so that I can get plates for it and drive it again!!
` Yeah, I know. I had been trying to find my title for some time since I moved here. Abandoning this plan, I've been attempting to obtain a copy for months, but have so far been hampered by such things as the fact that the online title application page has been down since May! I am not kidding!
` Luckily, after giving up calling the Ohio BMV for an application, I finally e-mailed someone who works there to send me one, and that did the trick! She wrote back; "I am putting it in the envelope right now!"
` T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U.!.

` So that's going well. Also, all the people I know who read my blog have at some point or another asked me to show them a picture of Butters... except for EdgeWalker, of course, because he lives here. (And no, Phil doesn't read my blog anyway.)

` Here's a picture he took back in June:

` You can see the Cat Bipolarity in her eyes. (Not to be confused with Declawed Cat Bipolarity. Which she can't possibly have because she's not declawed. I swear!!)
` At the moment, Butters is saying; "Maaaaarrrrr! Mah! Mah! Prrr!" - though, that's because Phil just got home. It sounds like he's had an interesting day...

` Update: I added yet another picture to a past entry.
` Also, I got this from my mom's eponymous-brewery boyfriend:

Mary is still at work, but she will call you later. Strange lady on your blog! She looks sly and dangerous. Don't tell her where I live!


(I just love it when men compliment my appearance, even him!)


Dory said...

Finally, you gotta' pic for the Butters. If the color reproduction is true, I can understand where you got the name from.
Really liked the kewl pic of you. It is very good! Love the pose and expression.....Just great!

Hope all is going well for you; I still miss you bunches.
Hugs, Dory

Joey M. said...

Hm..somehow I imagined you as a wide-eyed blonde...not as a slick, dark haired mistress. Oh well. It's refreshing to be pleasently surprised once in a while.

S E E Quine said...

Glad you're pleased to see some nice, REAL PHOTOS for once!
After some deliberation, I think I ought to reiterate that I DID NOT name this cat Butter Cookies! I could never be so cruel! ;)

S E E Quine said...

Slick, dark-haired mistress, am I? *blush!* Joey, you flatterer! You're not a bad-looking fourteen-year-old.... *ahem* Never mind.
Strangely though, I USED to have blonde hair...

turkish chic said...

I like the pics. well like late.